Government Puts It's Final Point on Rent Limits to Landlords
31 Netherlands

Government Ends Rent Limit Shock to Landlords!

A very important decision came from the Netherlands, as the housing sector is having problems in the global arena. The Dutch government is using the free market to protect the middle income groups against the rapidly increasing house rents due to the housing shortage. [more…]

airbus space technology reached marsa
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Airbus Space Technology Reaches Mars

NASA's Perseverance spacecraft relies on Airbus-built weather station and communication antenna Airbus technology accompanies it when NASA's Perseverance spacecraft lands on the surface of the Red planet on Thursday (tomorrow) [more…]

amsterdam metro and tram map
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Amsterdam Subway and Tram Map

Public transport in Amsterdam is provided by buses and trams. There are four metro lines in the city, and a fifth line is under construction (however, construction is slow to avoid damaging the city's natural fabric). Also many streets [more…]