Near East University announces the results of the sars cov genome project

UK Variant Raid: 70 Percent More Contagious

Near East University researchers completed the final phase of the project they carried out to investigate the viral strains of SARS-CoV-19, which causes COVID-2, in the TRNC. In the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of which continue all over the world, [more…]

Kktcde pet cat got covid from its owner

Covid-19 Snatched From Pet Cat Owner In TRNC

Near East University detected that the British variant of SARS-CoV-2 was transmitted to a domestic cat from its owner for the first time in TRNC. Near East University scientists determined that COVID-19 was transmitted from human to pet for the first time in Northern Cyprus. [more…]

He thought swelling, weight myoma came out of his stomach

1,5 kilograms of fibroids from her belly

Gulnara Elmuradova, 37 years old, learned that she had 1,5 fibroids in her abdomen weighing a total of 13 kilograms, during the examinations performed at the Near East University Hospital, where she applied with complaints of inguinal pain and bloating. Gynecology and Obstetrics [more…]

Pandemic Restrictions Extended Until March in TRNC

Pandemic Restrictions Extended Until 15 March in TRNC

It has been reported that the restrictions in the TRNC have been extended until March 15 due to the coronavirus. In the statement made by Net Holding A.Ş to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the following information was shared: “The TRNC Council of Ministers has imposed the current curfew on all [more…]

Kktc's domestic car meets the daily public

TRNC's Domestic Car GÜNSEL Meets the Public

GÜNSEL, the domestic and national car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is meeting with the public. In the last three months, especially the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ersin Tatar, ministers, party representatives, deputies, bureaucrats, business, [more…]