unknown cibris railway story

Unknown Cyprus Railway Story

While the books of Barry S. Turner and Michael Radford, who were seen as reliable sources of information for the historical history of rail transport in Cyprus, which left their mark on the British Colonial period, were also utilized, and information from the elderly living in those days [more…]

cibris railway history

Cyprus Railway History and Map

It is a railway company operating under the name of Cyprus Government Railway Company in Cyprus between 1905-1951. He worked along the line between Evrihu village of Lefke and the city of Famagusta. Years of activity [more…]

kktc's domestic automobile promotion office opened

TRNC's Domestic Automobile Promotion Office Opened

The promotion office of GÜNSEL, the domestic and national car of our country, which was designed by 109 Turkish engineers and whose prototype production was completed and introduced with the participation of 20 people on February 3000, was opened in Nicosia Dereboyu. Coming to the production stage [more…]

kktc's domestic car gunsel b introduced

Gunsel B9 Introduced to TRNC's Domestic Car

“Günsel”, the domestic and national car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was introduced with the organization held at the Girne Elexus Congress Center. 10 years of work and 1,2 million of Turkish engineers and designers at Near East University [more…]

kktc introduces the domestic car to the sun

TRNC Introduces Its Domestic Car GÜNSEL B9

From 20 countries for the parts to be used in the production process of “GÜNSEL”, which is the domestic and national car of our country, and the prototype production has been completed by Turkish engineers and the first model B9 will be introduced on February 28. [more…]

Trodosta Railway Museum Opened

Railway Museum Opened in Troodos

It is stated that the Railway Museum was opened in Evrihu, which is connected to Troodos. Alithia newspaper reminded that the last train expedition in Cyprus was held on December 31, 1951, while the railway museum opened at the location of the train station in Evrihu. Newspaper, [more…]


Railway Museum in Trodos Mountains

Railway Museum in the mountains of Trodos: Clock 14.55 Monday, 31 December 1951. The last train of the Cyprus Government Railway departed from Nicosia. The store had 16.38 hours. It's the end of the line. Almost in the history of Cyprus [more…]