Red Bull Racing Honda Conversion was done with Citrix Technologies
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Citrix Technologies Transformed At Red Bull Racing Honda

Formula 1 fever flared up again. The great excitement continues in the pandemic. Red Bull Racing Honda, one of the important teams of the race, also switched from the traditional working model to the remote working model in a year full of uncertainties, disruptions and constantly changing plans. As long as [more…]

The world car of the year akio toyoda was named humane
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Akio Toyoda named World Car Person of the Year 2021

Toyota President and CEO Akio Toyoda has been selected as the “World Car of the Year 2021”. This prestigious award presented to Toyoda was presented by the World Automobile Awards jury, which included more than 90 distinguished international journalists. Toyota President and CEO [more…]

Toyota sports car introduced new gr
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Toyota Introduces New GR 86 Sports Car

Toyota carried out the world launch of the sports car GR 86, the newest member of the GR product range. The new GR 86 continues to reflect the fun driving characteristics of the GT2012, which was first introduced in 200 and achieved a sales performance of over 86 units. [more…]

Toyota to make ten demonstrations of its new electric SUV
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Toyota to Preview New Electric SUV in Shanghai

Toyota will preview the all-electric new SUV model at the 19 Shanghai Auto Show, which will start on April 2021. The electric SUV, which was first communicated at the Kenshiki forum held in Europe in recent months, is Toyota's versatile and different product types. [more…]

japanese legend suzuki yasinda
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Japanese legend Suzuki turns 100

In a world brand with products offered by the group and which is represented by Turkey Suzuki Automotive Trends nature, it is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. In a world brand with products offered by the group and represented by Dogan Turkey Suzuki Automotive Trends, [more…]

Toyota introduced the future of automotive at kenshiki forum
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Toyota Presents The Future Of Automotive At Kenshiki Forum

While introducing its innovations to be presented in the upcoming period at the Kenshiki Forum it organized for the second time, Toyota also conveyed the outline of its vision of mobility that will be the pioneer of a great change. One of the key innovations presented at the Kenshiki Forum is Toyota's all-new battery-electric SUV model. [more…]

Lexus Signs a First to Make Customers' Lives Easier
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Lexus Marks a First to Make Life Easier for Customers

Premium automaker Lexus has broken another first in making life easier for its customers. Combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology in car Lexus has commissioned the first WhatsApp artificial intelligence chatbot with the employees of the automotive sector in Turkey. Thus, users [more…]