UPS Announces Quarterly Financial Results

UPS 2022 Q1 Financial Results Announced

UPS (NYSE:UPS) announced that its consolidated revenue for the first quarter of 2022 increased by 2021 percent compared to the first quarter of 6,4 to $24,4 billion. Consolidated operating profit up 2021 percent compared to the first quarter of 17,6 [more…]

NASA Displays Human Traces on Mars
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NASA Displays Human Traces on Mars!

NASA has imaged the remnants of the parachute that landed the Perseverance vehicle on Mars. In the statement, it was reported that the parts of the parachute were intact. Ingenuity, the US Aerospace Agency's reconnaissance helicopter on Mars, during the landing of the Perseverance rover to the red planet [more…]

New York Subway Attack Suspect Caught
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Who Committed the New York Subway Attack?

It has been reported that Frank James, the suspect of the Brooklyn subway attack in New York City, USA, was caught by the police in the East Village area of ​​New York. New York police, at the Brooklyn subway station, injuring 23 people [more…]

Tesla Roadster Arrives On Order
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Tesla Roadster Available For Pre-Order!

Tesla's fastest model, the premium super sports model Roadster; It started taking orders with a discount of $ 5,000 and an upfront price of $ 45,000. The Roadster, whose production and release date has turned into a snake story, finally hits the road. [more…]

Commercial Diplomacy Attack from Turkey to the USA
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Commercial Diplomacy Attack from Turkey to the USA

Within the framework of the target of 100 billion dollars trade volume between Turkey and the USA, Commercial Diplomacy Events will be held in the USA under the coordination of the Presidency of Communications and the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM). Senior officials from Turkey, parliament [more…]