passenger train derailed in Egypt injured
20 Egypt

Passenger Train Derails in Egypt 15 Injured

A passenger train derailed near the province of Sarkiye in northern Egypt. Khaled Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, announced that 15 people were injured in the incident last night. The wounded were brought to the scene with the ambulances Minya al-Qamh [more…]

katmerciler participated in the tender in kenya
254 Kenya

Katmerciler Participated in the Tender in Kenya

Katmerciler Vehicle Top Equipment Industry and Trade Inc. participated in the tender in Kenya. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), “The bid for the tender of 118 armored personnel carrier vehicles that Kenya plans to purchase has been submitted to the purchasing authority. As of 09.03.2021 [more…]

The mutated coronavirus spread to another continent
27 South Africa

Mutated Coronavirus Spreads to Another Continent

It was stated that after England, a different corona virus mutation was detected in the Republic of South Africa. According to the reports in the South African media, South African scientists say that the new corona virus mutation is much more contagious and the same in the UK. [more…]

tcdd delegation in tanzania railways
255 Tanzania

TCDD Delegation on Tanzania Railways

TCDD Deputy General Manager Metin Akbaş made a technical visit to Tanzania Railways Organization with the accompanying delegation. With the participation of TCDD delegation and TRC delegation headed by Tanzania Railways Organization (TRC) General Manager Masanja K. Kadogosa [more…]

many attacking buses from karsan
212 Morocco

25 Attack Buses from Karsan to Morocco!

advancing with sure steps towards becoming a global brand Turkey's domestic commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan, the world continues to be the solution partner in different countries. In this context, Karsan delivered 25 Atak buses to Morocco to be used in public transportation. [more…]

Egyptians will travel by Russian-made trains
20 Egypt

Egyptians Will Travel By Russian Trains

The first batch of passenger wagons produced by Russia for 'European-scale' rails for foreign countries for the first time reached Egypt. The contract amount exceeds one billion euros, as announced by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. According to the news in Sputniknews; [more…]

scare air defense system deployed to libya
218 Libya

Korkut Air Defense System Deployed to Libya

Turkey and the United Nations (UN) by the Government of National Reconciliation recognized as the legitimate government in Libya (UMH) was seen KORKUT Low Altitude Air Defense System deployed in the region under the control of power. Deployment of troops to Libya in January 2020 [more…]