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New Lotus Sports Car Series Approved

Turkey Royal Motors represented by Lotus Cars in Norfolk, in a world-class manufacturing facilities in Hethel verified a new sports car series this year will start the Lotus Type 131 prototype. The new manufacturing investment is part of Lotus's Vision80 strategy. [more…]

sold more than a million vehicles in scoda
49 Germany

ŠKODA Sold Over 2020 Million Vehicles in 1

ŠKODA closed the year 2020 with 1 million 4 vehicle sales, and managed to surpass the 800 million threshold for seven consecutive years. In 1, when the COVID-19 pandemic was effective and reflected in sales, the production facility was closed for 2020 days. [more…]

He will establish a factory with power connection up to gin
86 China

China to Build 2023 5G Connected Factories By 30

China is accelerating the development of the industrial internet through integration with 5G technologies. In this process, the country aims to create 2023 fully 5G-connected factories by 30. Industrial internet development announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies for the next three years [more…]

airbus tests future technologies with flightlab
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Airbus Tests Future Technologies With Flightlab

Airbus Helicopters has just begun flight tests on Flightlab, a platform dedicated to the maturation of new technologies. Airbus Helicopters Flightlab complements Airbus' current helicopter range and even more challenging such as future fixed-wing aircraft or (e) VTOL platforms. [more…]

abdnin drug policy arrangements of turkey on the critical OneM is overflowing
1 America

US Drug Policy Arrangements critical importance for Turkey

The policies and effects that Joe Biden will implement with his election as president in the USA are a matter of curiosity. Following the conclusion of the presidential elections in the United States, will affect Turkey in the new era policies continue to be tabled. At the beginning of these, drug policies expected to change [more…]

The miner under the genius was removed right
86 China

10 Miners Endangered in China Survive

Ten miners have been rescued alive after an accident at a gold mine in Shandong province in eastern China, which has been buried for two weeks. After the search and rescue efforts in the gold mine, as of 10 this morning, a miner [more…]

amtrak railway connecting usa
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Amtrak Railway Connecting the USA

Amtrak, or officially called the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (National Rail Passenger Corporation), is the agency that operates the US passenger Rail services, which is partially government-funded. Amtrak was established by the federal government on May 1, 1971. System 34.000 km [more…]

to build million euro azerbaijan central bank building
994 Azerbaijan

Tekfen to Build 218 Million Euro Azerbaijan Central Bank Building

Tekfen signed a 218 million euro contract for the construction of the Azerbaijan Central Bank's administrative building. In the statement made by Tekfen Holding to KAP, it was stated that the project management building includes engineering, equipment and material supply, turnkey construction works. 26 years of activity in Azerbaijan [more…]

new leon the most technologically safe seat ever produced
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SEAT's flagship Leon is renewed

SEAT's flagship Leon has been completely renewed. The new Leon, the safest SEAT ever produced, brings together the most advanced driver assistance systems including adaptive cruise control, emergency assistant, travel assistant. [more…]

Porsche Taycan expands its model range
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Porsche Expands Taycan Model Range

After the first fully electric sports car models Taycan Turbo S, Taycan Turbo and Taycan 4S, Porsche has now introduced the new Taycan version to the market. Porsche launches rear-wheel drive version of Taycan, the first fully electric sports car model. [more…]

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