India turns train wagons into quarantine centers
91 India

India Turns Train Wagons into Quarantine Centers

In India, quarantine centers will be established on railways that are out of use within the scope of cranatina measures. Passenger cars on unused trains will be transformed into quarantine centers. The Indian government will transform unused trains into quarantine centers. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 1.3 [more…]

volvo cars transport their new cars by train instead of truck
32 Belgium

Volvo Cars Carries New Cars by Train Instead of Trucks

Volvo Cars aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in its logistics operations by switching the mode of transport between its production facilities and new car warehouses from trucks to trains. The company is especially dedicated to the distribution warehouses and dealerships of new cars. [more…]

the oldest railway doner bridge in the world
44 UK

World's Oldest Railway Revolving Bridge

The oldest railway rotating bridge in the world was discovered in England. The revolving bridge, which belongs to the 19th century, was used to change the direction of locomotives. In Birmingham, England, the oldest railroad rolling bridge in the world was discovered. 19. [more…]