bursaray labor recruits metro line is opened to service
16 Bursa

BursaRay's Emek Acemler Metro Line Has Been Launched

Emek-Acemler metro services, which were closed to service at 2:12.00 on Sunday, May XNUMX, due to line maintenance and renewal works to be carried out in BursaRay, have been put into service as of today. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, due to line maintenance and renewal works, Emek-Acemler flights will start. [more…]

Is baskentray and marmaray free on eid?
06 Ankara

Is Baskentray and Marmaray Free on Eid?

The President's decision stating that the passage of bridges and highways will be free of charge while the curfew continues during the Ramadan Feast, which coincides with the full closing process, was published in the Official Gazette. According to the President's decision published in the Official Gazette, during the Eid al-Fitr [more…]

Bursa city hospital will not be closed for subway construction
16 Bursa

Mudanya Road Will Not Be Closed For Bursa City Hospital Metro Construction!

To be honest… The cancellation of the tender for the extension line that will take Bursaray from Emek Station to the high-speed train and City Hospital was a great surprise for everyone. Because… The construction of the project, the foundation of which was laid on April 2, stopped on April 5 with the decision of the Council of State. Normally… It takes time to renew such large auctions, but the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure Investments [more…]

bursaray expeditions will continue throughout the feast
16 Bursa

BursaRay Expeditions Will Continue Throughout the Holidays

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has taken every precaution to ensure that the Ramadan Feast, which is experienced during the closing process, in a safe and peaceful atmosphere within the scope of combating the pandemic. Rail System and Bus Management services within the boundaries of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Aksener dudullu made examinations at the metro line Kayisdagi station
34 Istanbul

Akşener Investigated Dudullu Metro Line Kayışdağı Stop

Meral Akşener, Chairman of the İYİ Party, made examinations in the Dudullu Metro Line Kayışdağı Station and the warehouse area. Akşener was accompanied by the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem İmamoğlu. Meral Akşener made the following statement after his investigations: “Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]

Who won the renewed bursa city hospital metro tender and how much
16 Bursa

Who won the Renewed Bursa City Hospital Metro Tender How Much?

To be honest… It is known how slow the Ankara bureaucracy works in the tender processes. However, the tender of the project, which will extend Bursaray from Emek to the high-speed train in Balat and City Hospital, has been progressing very fast for two years. First ... The tender decision for the first rail system project undertaken by the Ministry of Transport in Bursa on October 27, 2020 [more…]

When will the canceled bursa city hospital metro tender be held
16 Bursa

When Will the Canceled Bursa City Hospital Metro Tender Be Held?

First news… It was a surprise for Bursa. The tender for the subway line that will extend Bursaray from Emek to the City Hospital by high speed train in Balat from the last stop, and won by Söğüt İnşaat-Taşyapı İnşaat partnership for 27 billion 1 million 607 thousand TL, Ege Gökmen İnşaat-Günfalt İnşaat partnership Upon the objection of the Council of State 824. [more…]