tcdd places thermal camera on stations and stations
06 Ankara

TCDD Places Thermal Camera on Train Stations

resulting in Wuhan city of China and spread to the whole world a new type of coronavirus-19 Covidien against the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways is sıklaştırıy measures. TCDD, carrying out its work with diluted personnel in accordance with the Presidential Decree [more…]

samsuna giant transportation projects
55 Samsun

Giant Transportation Projects to Samsun

AK Party Samsun Province President Ersan Aksu said, “When the projects to be carried to Samsun are completed, they will contribute to our city, which is a logistics center, in terms of agriculture, industry, trade and tourism. AK Party Samsun [more…]

corum is waiting for high speed train and airport
19 Corum

Çorum High Speed ​​Train and Airport are Waiting

Minister Turhan, who came to Çorum after his programs in Samsun, Kırkdilim, which was built with an investment of approximately 570 million lira at the Kırkdilim location on the Çorum-Osmancık highway, which is one of the most important routes connecting the Black Sea Region to Central Anatolia. [more…]

Bursa high-speed train is now stuck to external credit limits
16 Bursa

Bursa High Speed ​​Train is Now at Foreign Credit Limits

We discussed the name for a long time… But we now know that Bursa's train project is not a High Speed ​​Train. Because the freight train will also run on Bursa-Bilecik line and these two trains cannot work on the same line for technical reasons. The name of our train is referred to as the High Standard Railway Line, which is defined as conventional train in TCDD documents. So, normal [more…]

bursa yenisehir railway infrastructure works have a lot of work
16 Bursa

Bursa Yenişehir Railway Infrastructure Works Have A Lot To Do

Last week… On the way to Ankara with our colleague Namık Göz from Bursa Hakimiyet, we stood under the viaduct at the entrance of Bozuyük and watched the passage of the High Speed ​​Train with envy. "When will we see in Bursa even without YHT?" we also talked. Because… Yenişehir-Bilecik line foreign loan The project, which was attached to the Treasury approval, was seriously disrupted. [more…]