bus to bus
16 Bursa

Tram from Bursa to Bucharest and Bus to Rome

Tram from Bursa to Bucharest and Bus to Rome; Organ Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, which has a textile-based structure, has returned to production mainly in the automotive sector in the following years. Because… Tofaş-Fiat and Oyak Renault two major car manufacturers, the city's industrial balance [more…]

italy railway investment approved
39 Italy

Italy Railway Investment Approved

Italy Railway Investment Approved. Italy's Economic Planning Committee (CIPE) 24 approved the 28 billion Euro railway infrastructure fund for FS Italiane in July. Approximately 15 billion euros for Italian railways RFI [more…]

tcdd delegation in italy
39 Italy

TCDD Delegation in Italy

TCDD delegation headed by TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun 12 In June 2019, to discuss current and possible bilateral cooperation issues, to make technical visits and to exchange ideas for the international railway sector [more…]

disastrous train crash in Italy
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Two Train Collided in Italy: 50 Injured

About two 50 people were slightly injured as two trains collided in the province of Como in northern Italy. Italian Fire Service, 50 people were injured as a result of the collision of two trains in Como, in the north of the country. [more…]