honored trams of konyas
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Konya's veteran trams carry Bosnians

Konya's veteran trams carry Bosnians; The first trams made in Konya in 1992 and the trams brought from Germany were sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital Sarajevo with the decision taken during the Tahir Akyürek period. Education of citizens in Konya [more…]

belgrade sarajevo motorway to stimulate trade
381 Serbia

Belgrade-Sarajevo Motorway to Revive Trade

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Turkey also supported by Belgrade-Sarajevo highway for the project, "This highway corridors and improving their standards, trade in other neighboring countries, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina as well [more…]

egodan bosnia and herzegovina 3 bus bus
06 Ankara

EGO to Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 Piece Bus

While Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has established cultural bridges through crossing the borders of the country and establishing friendly relations with the local governments of the sister countries, on the other hand, the solidarity with the support provided by the sharing of knowledge and experience [more…]

06 Ankara

Two Buses from EGO to Mostar Municipality

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Assoc. Dr. With the instructions of Mustafa TUNA, our Municipality continues to provide Duty, Responsibility and Cooperation services. Turkey Union of Municipalities and with the protocol signed between the General Directorate of EGO "Turkey and [more…]

34 Istanbul

15 Bus from Istanbul to Sister City Sarajevo

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal hosted Salko Bukvarevic, Minister of War Veterans of the sister country Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in his office. Minister of War Veterans of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Salko Bukvarevic, Mayor of Istanbul [more…]

konya sarajevo tram
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

20 Tram to Sister City Sarajevo from Konya

20 Tram from Konya to Sister City Sarajevo: The grant protocol of the 20 tram that the Metropolitan Municipality has given to Sarajevo Metropolitan Municipality within the framework of the sister city agreement of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, Bosnia [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bosna Train 100 Walk With Young

Bosnian Train 100 Launched with the Young: Our 100 youth, in cooperation with the World Children's Association and TCDD Transport Inc., contributes to world peace and ensures that the Srebrenista Massacre is not forgotten. in the year [more…]

34 Istanbul

Private Train from Istanbul to Srebrenica

Special Train from Istanbul to Srebrenitsa: The World Children's Association will take the young 100 to Bosnia with a special train to participate in the March-Mira march on the anniversary of the Srebrenitsa massacre. Young people stay in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul to Srebrenitsa will depart

The train from Istanbul to Srebrenica will depart: The World Children's Association will take the 100 youth train to Bosnia to participate in the March Mira march on the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre. World Children's Association, 1989 since various organizations [more…]

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The forgotten icon of Sarajevo was introduced to the ropeway

The forgotten symbol of Sarajevo has been introduced: One of the forgotten symbols of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6 will be reopened in April. One of the forgotten symbols of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the cable car, 6 will be reopened in April. in Sarajevo [more…]

35 Bulgaria

THY invites skiing to the Balkans

Turkish Airlines invites skiers to the Balkans: Turkish Airlines invites those who wish to ski in the Balkans to fly at an affordable price with the slogan 'Four Seasons Balkans'. Here are the flight destinations for skiing ““ 4 Seasons [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Favorite ski resorts in the Balkans

Favorite ski resorts in the Balkans: The weather is cool but sunny, even when I'm writing. We Istanbulites do not accept that the winter comes without seeing the first snow in winter. Furs, jackets no matter how cold the air gets [more…]

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

What happened to the old trams

The Old Tramways of the Conseil Look What Happened: Konya is renewing itself on the one hand and on the other hand it reaches out to friendly cities and countries. Old trams, serving decades in Konya, are now in Bosnia and Herzegovina hizmet [more…]

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo to Xnumx tram from Konyadan

From Kony to Sarajevo 20 tram: One-to-one copy of the first electric tram used in 1895 in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the first European tram service was made yeniden 20 tram from Kente Konya [more…]

387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Mostar Bridge

Mostar Bridge is a little-known wonder of the world: The British BBC broadcaster cited the historic bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the world's lesser known 7 wonders. Great Wall and Crown of Colosseum in Rome [more…]