Cem Yilmaz Had a Traffic Accident in Bodrum
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Cem Yılmaz Had a Traffic Accident in Bodrum

Famous comedian and filmmaker Cem Yılmaz has released a statement about the traffic accident he had in Bodrum. Famous comedian Cem Yılmaz had an accident in Bodrum the night before. According to the news in Snob Magazine, Yılmaz said that a [more…]

Istanbul Arabesque Project Takes the Stage at Katina
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Istanbul Arabesque Project Performed at Katina

Istanbul Arabesque Project, which took the stage in Katina, one of the favorite entertainment venues of Izmir, gave the people of Izmir hours of fun with the songs they played and sang with their unique style. By adding a different style to arabesque, it attracts its own fan base. [more…]

Who is Megan Fox
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Who is Megan Fox? How Old and Married?

Who is Megan Fox, who stands out with her beauty rather than her acting? Megan Fox, who divorced actor Brain Austin Green in 2020, is not on the agenda with her extraordinary statements. How old is he outside of his private life and [more…]