Masters of Tradition Supported by Registration

Masters of Tradition Supported by Registration

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Bearers Evaluation Board, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, completed its first meetings this year. At the board meeting held under the coordination of the General Directorate of Research and Education affiliated to the Ministry, 290 masters [more…]

Key Female Theater Ensemble Accelerates Its Work
35 Izmir

Key Women's Theater Group Accelerated Its Work

Members of the ANAHTAR Women's Theater Group, which continues its activities at the ANAHTAR Women's Studies Holistic Service Center established within the body of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, were given certificates of appreciation for their work. Sunflower to Neptün Soyer, wife of President Soyer, in the program [more…]

Countdown Has Started For ArteExpo Granada Artshow
34 Spain

Countdown Starts for ArteExpo Granada Artshow

ArteExpo Contemporary Granada Artshow, which will take place in Granada, the most important cultural city of Spain known for its festivals, will be held at Teatro Municipal Maracena Granada Show and Exhibition Center with its first edition on 1-4 July 2022. [more…]

Women Artists Bring Art Together with Business World
35 Izmir

Women Artists Bring Art Together with the Business World

Within the scope of the Entrepreneurship in Art Project, one of the projects of the Izmir Women Entrepreneurs Board, coordinated by the Izmir Commodity Exchange (ITB), “Mural Work with Women Artists” was carried out under the sponsorship of Azra Galvaniz. Under the coordination of Mural Artist Gülderen Depas [more…]

Yasar Community Supporter of Culture and Art
35 Izmir

Yaşar Group Culture and Art Supporter

İdil Yiğitbaşı: “Culture and art enrich our lives, give us different perspectives kazanit nurtures our creativity. It also increases the tolerance of the society with its diversity.” Adding value to our country's economy with its investments in Turkey's industrialization process, [more…]

Bergama Theater Festival Begins
35 Izmir

Bergama Theater Festival Begins

Bergama Theater Festival, supported by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, is preparing to open the curtain for the third time. Workshops and talks will also be held within the scope of the festival between June 2-5. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism [more…]

Afyonkarahisar Jazz Festival Begins in NG Afyon
03 Afyonkarahisar

22nd Afyonkarahisar Jazz Festival Begins in NG Afyon

The opening concert of the festival, which will give art lovers joyful moments with concerts, exhibitions and talks between 7-11 June, will be held in the garden of NG Afyon with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra under the direction of Conductor Kemal Günç. [more…]