brain-burning person chess game

Brain-Burning 3 Player Chess Game!

Regular chess players can get bored when they don't face a stronger opponent. Here is the brain-burning 3-player chess game that will challenge those who play, and they will not need a stronger opponent. If you like intelligence games, after a while you will have solved the rules of the game. [more…]

first activity in paramanya

The First Event of 2021 Begins in Paramania

Turkey Paramany of the most popular strategy games, say hello to the new year with good efficiency from each other. With the new update, Paramanya adds events and rewards to the game, allowing players to gain powerful characters. Again, 2 strong S + characters are also added to the game. Your players [more…]

Adventure begins in the streets of Mardin for stash lovers

Adventure Starts in Mardin Streets for Zula Lovers

A new game map has been added to the native game Zula. Test publication of Mardin Map, which is inspired by Mardin with its unique history and culture, has started. The important history of our country, which Zula, designed entirely by Turkish engineers and designers, takes place in the game. [more…]

in afyonkarahisar mxgp game
03 Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar in MXGP 2020 Game

The new version of MXGP 2020, the official game of the Motocross Championship, which is in the top ten among the world's most popular sports branches, met with its enthusiasts. The first version was released in 2014 with version MX1 and since 2016 [more…]

overwatch winter's tale is now in play

Overwatch Winter's Tale 2020 Now Available

It is time to freeze the good memories of this year and hug our friends, family and teammates! Winter's Tale 2020 event kicks off on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch! Brand new awards are waiting for you this year. So, new to your cosmetics collection [more…]

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