Designer Mert Erkandan Film-Like Digital Fashion Show
34 Istanbul

Digital Fashion Show by Designer Mert Erkan

The first period of FashionWeekIstanbul 2021 was held digitally between 13-16 April 2021. Designer Mert Erkan shot digitalrunway and lookbook at Sait Halim Paşa Mansion. Autumn / Winter 18, displaying a total of 2022 looks and named "The House of Witches". [more…]

Demand for permanent make-up increased during the normalization period

Permanent Makeup Demand Increased During the Normalization Period

Beauty Specialist Sibel Kırbaş said that the demands for permanent make-up have increased especially. Beauty Specialist Sibel Kırbaş stated that beauty centers were intensified in the second normalization period in the pandemic process and that the demand for permanent make-up especially increased. Especially those who started to work in the office environment again [more…]


Gift for Man

Gifts should reflect the feelings of the given person and the tastes of the person to whom they are given. When buying gifts for your father, the first thing you think about is what he needs. Any comfort tool he needs to be happy, maybe entertainment, maybe whatever the item is. [more…]

in popular beard and mustache models

Popular Beard and Mustache Models of 2021

The beard and mustache, which symbolized power and status in the men's world from ancient times to recent history, are among the important accessories of men today. Every year, new beard and mustache culture has become popular especially for the last 10 years. [more…]

online bridal sales after covid

Online Bridal Sales After Covid-19

The coronavirus epidemic, which has affected the whole world, has caused many habits to change in the fashion world. During the quarantine period applied throughout the pandemic period, wedding dress rehearsals started to be taken on online platforms. Applied in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic [more…]

Ways to be frequent in video meeting

Ways to Be Stylish in a Video Meeting

Due to the corona, almost all business meetings started to be held online with video. Well, what to wear in video meetings, how to be stylish, what should be considered… Pajamas below, shirt elegance on top Style Consultant Atilla Mutlu, “Neither too exaggerated nor [more…]

Why don't men like to shop from the store

Why Don't Men Like Shoping?

For the woman, walking around the market for hours, entering the stores, choosing and trying the product she wants, bargaining for minutes is a passion, entertainment, even psychological treatment method. There are millions of women who say that if I had the opportunity, I would spend my whole day in stores. What about men ... [more…]

Ahly you are ertos

Ahsen Ertos's Style and Combinations

In this content, we will tell you all the unknowns about who is the famous phenomenon Ahsen Ertos, who has over 1 million fans on the Tiktok platform. The beautiful phenomenon, whose content has reached 49 million likes, actively uses the Instagram page and has 67 thousand followers. [more…]

Setre Women's Jacket Models Complement The Combinations of Women of All Ages

Follow the Trends to Be Stylish and Stylish

Jackets, one of the most preferred pieces of all seasons, take their place in the wardrobes with stylish pieces that are renewed every season by Setre, one of the pioneers of women's fashion clothing. Designed by Setre designers to be in line with trends and [more…]