samulastan elementary school students
55 Samsun

Training for Primary School Students from SAMULAŞ

As Samulaș, in order to find solutions to the behavioral problems experienced in public transportation, we started an educational campaign to raise the awareness of our children who will be the parents of the future. As part of our "Next Generations Are Awareness" Project, which also supports Samsun Provincial Directorate of National Education, our trainers and students [more…]

samulasta football soleni
55 Samsun

SAMULAŞ 'Football' Feast!

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAS 'Social Activities' organized by the staff among the football tournament, has breathtaking matches STARTING SURGERY TAMGACI'dan SAMULAŞ organized by the units for the personnel football tournament, Atakum District began in the Anakent Belediyespor Facilities. [more…]

domestic production call for rail system parts
55 Samsun

SAMULAŞ Calls for 'Domestic Production' in Rail System Parts

While SAMULAŞ's 'Localization' presentation attracted attention at the International Next Generation Railway Technologies Conference held in Istanbul, the Wheel Bandage Project attracted great attention. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Proje Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Singing. ve Tic. A.Ş. (SAMULAŞ), the New [more…]

bus schedule starts on samulas bus service
55 Samsun

SAMULAŞ Bus Schedules Start Winter Schedule

SAMULAŞ in Samsun announced that the Winter Term Time Hours application will be applied on Express, Ring and Terminal bus services on Monday, as the summer term is over and the new academic year is starting. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Project Transportation Zoning [more…]

black box period starts on samulas buses
55 Samsun

The Black Box Period Starts at SAMULAŞ Buses

In the last of the Academy Trainings initiated by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ, the themes of 'Saving, Safe, Comfortable Travel' for the Bus Management are discussed. General Manager Tamgacı announced that the 'Vehicle Telemetry (Karakutu)' system will be switched to the 'Vehicle Telemetry (Karakutu)' system on a total of 110 buses. [more…]

samulasdan to province guest service
55 Samsun

Transportation Support from SAMULAŞ to 40 Guests from 375 Cities

In Samsun, SAMULAŞ provides 'transportation support' to the Provincial Education Coordinators and Responsible Personnel Training organized by the General Directorate of Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK) of the Ministry of Youth and Sports within the scope of the 100th anniversary events and attended by 40 personnel from 375 provinces. [more…]

samulasta academy time
55 Samsun

Time for 'Academy' at SAMULAŞ

SAMULAŞ, which carries out public transportation services in Samsun, has launched SAMULAŞ ACADEMY in order to increase service quality and citizen satisfaction. Metropolitan Municipality Project Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Singing. ve Tic. [more…]

samulasin disabled sensitivity on buses and trams
55 Samsun

SAMULAŞ's 'Disabled' Sensitivity in Buses and Trams

Turkey Disabled Association (TSD) Chairman Samsun Branch Auspicious Hakyemezoğl, along the administrators with SAMULAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı the 'auspicious Whether' was found in visits TSD Samsun Branch President Auspicious Hakyemezoğl, Branch Secretary Recep Caglayan Day and associations [more…]

samulas took all the necessary measures for yks exam
55 Samsun

Samulaş Took All Measures for YKS Exam!

Before YKS, which will be held in Samsun on Saturdays and Sundays, Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ took all measures to ensure that candidates benefit from public transportation without any problems. Number of bus ring trips on campus increased on exam days Samsun Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

technical training for samulas employees
55 Samsun

Technical Training for SAMULAŞ Employees

Providing transportation services in Samsun, SAMULAŞ employees were trained on many issues from technical information to basic faults. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Project Transportation İmar İnşaat Yat. Singing. ve Tic. A.Ş. (SAMULAŞ) continues its work for its employees without interruption. [more…]

enver sedat tamgaci samulas is friendly
55 Samsun

Enver Sedat Tamgacı: 'SAMULAŞ is Environment Friendly'

SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı said, “As SAMULAŞ, we believe that being environmentally friendly and reducing the amount of carbon footprint is the biggest requirement. Environmental awareness is one of our most important responsibilities, ”said“ Transportation ”under Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

samsunda will use tram tram
55 Samsun

Attention to Citizens to Use Tram in Samsun! ..

Samsun Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, SAMULAŞ, 'Arrival and Departure' points in the redefining the plan went. According to the new planning, the tram station, which departs from OMU during the week, will be the municipality's station. Light Rail System in Samsun [more…]

coskun oncelden samulasa farewell
55 Samsun

Coşkun Öncel's Farewell to SAMULAŞ

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General and Samulaş A.Ş. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Coşkun Öncel, said goodbye to the staff of Samulaş General Secretary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, who retired last month and Samulaş A.Ş. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Coşkun [more…]

55 Samsun

Support to Kızılay from SAMULAŞ!

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ organized a blood donation campaign to support the National Safe Blood Supply Program and Türkök Project carried out by the Turkish Red Crescent. Samsun Project Transportation Samsun Project Transportation Reconstruction Construction Yat. Singing. and [more…]

55 Samsun

Samulaş'da Collective Agreement Joy

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. signed a collective bargaining agreement with Türk-İş. Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and Samulaş A.Ş. Sahin, Chairman of the Board, "We always stand by the worker," he said. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Şehit Ömer [more…]


Rail System 8 136 Million People Served per Year

Samsun light rail line, which started its first voyage between the station - university stations, celebrates its 8th anniversary. With the activation of the rail system in 2010, the Metropolitan Municipality has provided quality transportation to the people of Samsun for 8 years. [more…]