KAYSERAY received another international award

KAYSERAY has received an international award: KAYSERAY, which Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has provided to the city, continues to win awards in the international arena. KAYSERAY, the winner of the international 4 award shortly after it has entered service, is also the International Public Transporter [more…]


Kayseri raises its rail system capacity to 2

Kayseri raises the capacity of the rail system to 2: The number of vehicles on the Kayseri tram line will go to 30 after the new vehicle arrives at the end of the year. Thus, the passenger carrying capacity of 68 thousand people will rise to a thousand people 90. Kayseri rail [more…]


Cars Enter Tramway Stop

The Automobile Entered the Tram Stop: In Kayseri, a car went off the road and entered the tram stop. According to the information obtained, the car with 23 AK 636 plate on Talas Boulevard entered the tram stop after the driver lost his control of the steering wheel. Tram in the accident without injuries [more…]


Kayseri Stamp to the top board of UITP

Kayseri Stamp to the highest board of UITP: Gundogdu, General Manager of UITP, was elected to the Policy Board Feyzullah Gundogdu, General Manager of Kayseri Transportation Inc., was elected to the Policy Board of the International Public Transport Association UITP. International with 92 corporate members from 1300 countries [more…]


Alternative application green line in rail systems

Alternative application green line in rail systems: In parallel with the increasing population rate in our medium and large scale cities, solutions are developed in order to meet transportation demands and passenger expectations. Considering the high quality of service and the capacity it offers; [more…]


Kayseri Rail System Works Have Started Again

Kayseride Rail System Work Has Started Again The 2nd and 3rd phase works of the rail system project of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates urban transportation, gained speed with the warming of the weather. On the lines of the rail system to Ildem and Talas, from the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Rail System Seminar at Erciyes College

Rail System Seminar Given at Erciyes College A seminar containing general information about Kayseray, which is actively used in the city, was given to the students at Erciyes College by the Metropolitan Municipality and Kayseray authorities. Erciyes by the Metropolitan Municipality and Kayseray authorities [more…]