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Istanbul Metrobus Watches 2019

Istanbul Metrobus Hours: In this news about Metrobus timetables and stops, you can also see the metrobus map, find out which metrobus station is the closest to your destination and the distance to the metrobus stop, the location of the stops. [more…]

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34 Istanbul

Metrobus Line Alarms!

The density of the metrobus line, the lifeblood of transportation in Istanbul, has been moved to the agenda of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly. The increase in the number of passengers using the stop Altunizade lipuklatti. SözcüAccording to the report of Ozlem Guvemli'nin; Met Metrobus lines carrying millions of passengers between two continents in Istanbul [more…]

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IETT's Metrobus Fire Statement

There was a fire in the engine part of a metrobus at Darülaceze-Perpa stop. There were disruptions in metrobus flights due to fire. IETT metrobüste made a written statement about the fire. In the statement made; Yaklaşık Our 525 vehicle in our IETT metrobus fleet [more…]