While the cif was clean, the new stop of the beautiful project was Zincirlikuyu
34 Istanbul

The New Stop of Cif Temizken Güzel Project is Zincirlikuyu

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu spoke at the virtual publicity meeting held due to the completion of the arrangement work carried out in Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station. Saying, “We want to make everyone feel that everybody living in this city has the right to speak in this city administration,” said İmamoğlu, “His [more…]

turkiyenin first domestic electric metrobus ankarada
06 Ankara

Turkey's first domestic electric Metrobus in Ankara

producing Turkey's first domestic one hundred percent electric buses Bozankaya now it has manufactured the first domestic electric metrobus. With the OSTİM technical university, on Tuesday, February 26 at 10.00 for the metrobus produced with XNUMX% domestic engineering and technology [more…]

Transfers on the metrobus line will decrease
34 Istanbul

Transfers on the Metrobus Line Decrease

In the metrobus line, whose number of trips has been increased with the new planning, the name of the last station to be visited will now be written instead of the codes on the signs of the buses in order to prevent the confusion caused by the line numbers. Transfers on the line will also decrease. The application will start on Tuesday, January 26th. Transportation in Istanbul [more…]

Percent of iett personnel got covid virus
34 Istanbul

19 Percent of IETT Personnel Caught Covid-19 Virus

During the pandemic period, 19 percent of IETT personnel were infected with the Covid-19 virus. 9 people of the employees died. Due to the pandemic, IETT personnel remained in quarantine for a total of 10 thousand 71 days, 48 ​​thousand 884 days of work were lost. Covid-19 pandemic, all [more…]

New Year's Iett Flights
34 Istanbul

IETT Flights at the New Year

During the curfews to be applied between 31 on Thursday, 21.00 December and 4 on Monday, 05.00 January, IETT will organize trips according to the weekend timetable. In the last evening of 19 and the new year, which passed with the troubles we experienced due to Covid-2020 [more…]

metrobus vehicles at full capacity without maintenance
34 Istanbul

Metrobus Vehicles Out of Maintenance at Full Capacity

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the number of flights in the metrobus increased compared to last year, and the number of passengers fell by half. Except for maintenance and repair, all buses are kept at a time. Official statistics on public transportation vehicles and metrobus line connected to IETT, [more…]

metrobus will use fsm in November
34 Istanbul

Metrobus to Use FSM Bridge on November 11

1 July Martyrs Bridge will be closed to traffic on Wednesday, November 11, as part of the promotional shots of Formula 15 races. Metrobus vehicles will use the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge between 13.00 and 16.00 due to shooting. Some IETT watching in the shooting areas [more…]