coronavirus setting for metrobus services
34 Istanbul

Coronavirus Adjustment to Metrobus Services

Within the scope of the measures announced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, IETT updated on the departure times due to the decreasing number of passengers. The application, which will start on Saturday (Today), is planned so as not to create passenger density. In the following days [more…]

Two metrobus carpets in Halic bridge
34 Istanbul

Two Metrobuses on the Golden Horn Bridge Collided

Two metrobus in the same direction collided on the Golden Horn Bridge. 10 people were slightly injured in the accident. In the morning, a metrobus traveling on the Golden Horn Bridge in the direction of Beylikdüzü hit the metrobus, which was in front of it for an unknown reason. [more…]

Disinfectant devices placed in metrobus stops against corona virus were broken in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Disinfectant Devices in Metrobus Stops Broken

It was determined that some of the disinfectant devices that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) placed at the entrance of the metrobus stops within the scope of the epidemic diseases and coronavirus increased in the winter months were broken. IMM, the new type of Corona virus [more…]

ibb's coronavirus hygiene team at work
34 Istanbul

IMM's Coronavirus Hygiene Team at Work

The IMM is conducting preventive actions against the Coronary virus, which has taken the world by storm. “Coronavirus Team”, which was introduced by President Imamoglu yesterday, disinfects the busiest and most utilized areas of the city. The 100-person team is in the subways, [more…]