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Canal Istanbul Project

Canal Istanbul Project: Channel Istanbul Turkey's mega projects continue to take place last-minute developments in the project. While the victims of Kanal Istanbul are waiting for the exact date to be announced in the project, the date of the first dig [more…]

anal Istanbul Ends the Sea of ​​Marmara
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Channel Istanbul Ends the Sea of ​​Marmara

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organized the “Maritime Workshop Hal on the 564 anniversary of the Haliç Shipyard. Speaking at the workshop. Cemal Saydam said, “Marmara's first 25 meter has Black Sea and underneath it is salty Mediterranean water. This structure [more…]

istanbullularin yuzde has no idea about channel istanbul
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88 has no idea about Channel Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, 88'nin percent of Istanbul residents stated that they do not have an idea about Channel Istanbul, announced in January will open to the public workshop. İmamoğlu, “Nobody 3 child father citizen Ekrem [more…]

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Channel Istanbul Strategic Plan Announced

Kanal Istanbul Strategic Plan Announced; The Ministry of Transport announced that it is planned to complete the 2023 percent of the Kanal Istanbul project by 60. The cost of the project will be TL 75 billion. Bakanlığı demolition of scientists in the Ministry of Transport [more…]