latest status in fast train studies
16 Bursa

Latest Situation in Bursa High Speed ​​Train Studies

From time to time ... We read that the realization rate of the train project on the Bursa-Yenişehir line has reached 70 percent. The next table reveals different information: Bursa Station at the groundbreaking point has no projects yet. Environment, which is the first target range after the exit point [more…]

tcdd surprise in bursa high speed train project transferred to device
16 Bursa

TCDD Surprise in Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project Transferred to AYGM

At the beginning of the project… East Station was built on the Gürsu border of the Ring Road for the transportation of the people living in the east of the city. This station entered the agenda at the insistence of Orhan Özcü, who was the mayor of Gürsu at the time. However ... The place where the station is considered is greenhouses and agricultural lands, and the road to be constructed from Gürsu is agriculture. [more…]

Bursa high-speed train is now stuck to external credit limits
16 Bursa

Bursa High Speed ​​Train is Now at Foreign Credit Limits

We discussed the name for a long time… But we now know that Bursa's train project is not a High Speed ​​Train. Because the freight train will also run on Bursa-Bilecik line and these two trains cannot work on the same line for technical reasons. The name of our train is referred to as the High Standard Railway Line, which is defined as conventional train in TCDD documents. So, normal [more…]

bursa yenisehir railway infrastructure works have a lot of work
16 Bursa

Bursa Yenişehir Railway Infrastructure Works Have A Lot To Do

Last week… On the way to Ankara with our colleague Namık Göz from Bursa Hakimiyet, we stood under the viaduct at the entrance of Bozuyük and watched the passage of the High Speed ​​Train with envy. "When will we see in Bursa even without YHT?" we also talked. Because… Yenişehir-Bilecik line foreign loan The project, which was attached to the Treasury approval, was seriously disrupted. [more…]

fear of coronavirus increased bursa traffic
16 Bursa

Fear of Coronavirus Increased Bursa Traffic!

Considering the observations, comments and warnings about Bursa transportation and sharing these columns, Civil Engineer M. Tözün Bingöl says: “With the coronavirus panic, the journey has decreased by public transportation. Especially in Bursaray during peak hours [more…]

Bursa Kent Meydani Terminal Tram Line Tender Tied to Credit
16 Bursa

Bursa Kent Meydani Terminal Tram Line Tender Credit Bound

On October 30, 2015, it was announced that the tender of the Kent Square-Istanbul Avenue-Terminal tram line will be completed in 800 years despite the term of completing 1.5 days while the contract signing ceremony is held. 4.5 years have passed, the T2 line is not over yet. Some of the problems are due to contractors, some of them [more…]

bursaray will not experience capacity problems in our year
16 Bursa

The next 10-15 years Bursaray will not experience capacity problems

It was like a film strip… We were excited when the late Ekrem Barışık explained that the work had started to move to the rail system in urban transportation. While the late Teoman Özalp took the first step, we shared Cavit Çağlar's statement “We solved the credit problem” with the same excitement as the State Head of the period. Then… during the period of Erdem Saker, Bursaray [more…]

bursaray twice a day
16 Bursa

Bursaray Intensive Twice a Day!

Invitation… The Transportation Commission of the Chamber of Civil Engineers made and Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, accepted and participated. Moreover… IMO Bursa Branch Chairman Mehmet Albayrak and Aktaş, who cared about the meeting where the board of directors was present, brought bureaucrats about transportation. For example… Burulaş [more…]

kemal demirelen poetry pendulum railway exhibition
16 Bursa

Kemal Demirel's Poetry Song Railway Exhibition

Poetry Song Railway Exhibition by Kemal Demirel; Kemal Demirel is the first politician who comes to mind when it comes to train in Bursa. Demirel, who was a CHP Bursa deputy in the period of 2, gave himself to poetry and music after his railroad activities all over the country. Now it's different [more…]

what train
16 Bursa

What Train to Bursa?

What Train to Bursa; Last week,… The Budget Plan Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly was discussing the budget of the Ministry of Transport. The deputy and deputy chairman of the GOOD Party Bursa was Prof.Dr. Dr. İsmail Tatlıoğlu asked the Deputy Minister of 2: yapılan Made in Bursa [more…]

bandirma railway line re-invested
16 Bursa

Bandırma Railway Line is on the Investment Agenda

We understand that An Çanakkale and Balıkesir politicians and mayors, who connect their hopes for the railroad transportation to Istanbul or Ankara and the mayors of Ankara, have been influential, and the shifted Bandırma line has been put back on the investment agenda. … Here, too, the goal of industrial production in the Central Anatolia region to reach the port by rail is felt, but also for Bursa. [more…]

the business world has also set in motion for the fast train line
16 Bursa

Business World Moves for Bursa High Speed ​​Line

Business World Moves for Bursa High Speed ​​Line; Actually,… Balkantürksiad President Berat Tunakan prepared an Ankara program to visit Bursa deputies together with his administration. However ken When I went to Ankara to meet with the politicians, ”On the problems and expectations of Bursa” [more…]

bursaray stations waiting area transparent room
16 Bursa

Transparent Room to Let Passengers Wait in Cold!

Transparent Room to Let Passengers Wait in Cold! ; Perhaps arasında Among the most important political and economic issues of the agenda, it can be seen as a mouth-raising work for some. But… In the summer we left behind, the daily 300 transported a thousand passengers [more…]

TCDD Personnel Appointment
Exclusive news

TCDD will appoint 262 Personnel

TCDD 262 Personnel Appointment: TCDD staff positions were opened and the distribution of staff was announced on 5.November.2019. The decision published in the Official Gazette of the State Railways in the vacant 262 staff was included. [more…]