Capital Markets Board

SPK Will Recruit 40 Occupational Personnel

Up to 8 Assistant Specialists with an 30th degree staff in the General Administrative Services class to be assigned in the Istanbul Representation of the Capital Markets Board (the Board), and up to 8 Assistant Expert Lawyers with an 10th degree staff in the Lawyer Services class [more…]

president of the SAI

TCA Presidency to Recruit 20 Continuous Cleaning Workers

Article 4857 / D of the Civil Servants Law No.657 within the framework of the provisions of the Labor Law No.4 and the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Recruiting Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations, in order to be employed in permanent staff in the service units of the Turkish Court of Accounts. [more…]

general Directorate of Highways

General Directorate of Highways to Recruit 14 Former Convicts

In order to be employed in the workplaces affiliated to the General Directorate of Highways under an indefinite permanent employment contract; A total of 14 ex-convicts or workers injured in the fight against terrorism (TMY) in a way that is not considered invalid will be recruited. Turkey's Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate [more…]

turkey should be made a national staffing agency contract

Turkey's National Agency to do 80 Contract Staffing

Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the European Union Presidency of the relevant institutions of the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency (Turkey National Agency) will be held in two stages, including written and oral entrance exam with 58 Assistant Specialist 2 [more…]

Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality Will Make Fire Brigade Recruitment

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to Buy 100 Firefighters

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Officer Recruitment announcement has been published. In order to meet the deficiency in the municipality, the Fire Brigade Recruitment announcement was published with 100 vacancies. Within the scope of the qualifications in the 657th article of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Civil Servants Law No. 48 and [more…]

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice Will Recruit 23 Contracted Translators

The "Exam Requirement" of the "Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel", which was put into effect by the paragraph (B) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No.4 and the Council of Ministers Decision dated 06/06/1978 and numbered 7/15754 to be employed in the central organization of the Ministry of Justice. [more…]

president of the SAI

TCA Presidency to Recruit 7 Contracted IT Personnel

Turkish Court of Accounts, to be employed in the Department of Information Technologies, Article 375 of the Decree Law No. 6 and the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Information Technologies Personnel in Large-Scale Information Technologies Units of Public Institutions and Organizations. [more…]

Toyota Iskurdan requested a thousand-person workforce
54 Sakarya

Toyota Demands a Workforce of 2 from İŞKUR

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey was found in 2.500-strong workforce demand İŞKUR'dan. Each year, employees engaged in contract manufacturing and the possibility of recruiting staff to some of the employees taken together with the recruitment Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey normalization [more…]


BRSA to Recruit 120 Civil Servants

The deadline for application to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency is April 30, 2021, and according to the results of the entrance exam, Banks Sworn-in Auditor, Assistant Banking Specialist (Banking and Legal [more…]