It was time for the people older than their age to hang up

Vaccination is the turn for people older than 55 years old

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca, in his statement on his social media account, stated that as of today, a new phase has been initiated in the vaccination program. Husband said, “It is time for those older than 55 years of age for vaccination. I invite our citizens, whose turn is to be vaccinated. Our vaccination program [more…]

The only weapon in the fight against the pandemic is rebellion

Single Weapon Vaccination in Combating Pandemic

The experts, stating that people who are not vaccinated make a big mistake despite the vaccination turn and make an appointment, point out the importance of being vaccinated. Emphasizing that the only weapon in combating pandemic is vaccination, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur, against vaccination [more…]

full closure of Ramadan, you are your husband

Will There Will Be Total Closure During Ramadan?

The Scientific Committee will convene today and the Cabinet will be chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tomorrow. Case increases will be discussed in both meetings. Whether there will be new measures, including the option of full closure in Ramadan, will be clarified at these meetings and [more…]