A new era begins in the jewelry industry

A Certificate of Authority Required for Jewelers

The Regulation on Jewelery Trade, prepared by the Ministry of Trade, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette. Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan stated that, with the arrangement they made, in the new period, the jewelry trade will be carried out by merchants and craftsmen and craftsmen who have received authorization certificates on behalf of their business [more…]

Arrangement of timetable in Istanbul metro lines
34 Istanbul

Time of Flight Arrangement in Istanbul Metro

With the circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a curfew will be applied throughout Istanbul between 19.00-05.00 on weekdays and from 19.00 on Friday evening until 05.00 on Monday on weekends. As of April 14, within the framework of the restriction decisions taken [more…]

tcdd made a statement about the adana train accident
01 Adana

TCDD Made a Statement About Adana Train Accident

Adana, the Republic of Turkey on the train accident occurred in the town of Pozantı State Railways (TCDD) made a statement. The written statement made by TCDD is as follows; “Today, on April 14, 2021, the locomotive of the freight train carrying containers from Boğazköprü to Mersin [more…]

How can those with plane and bus tickets travel?

How Can Those Who Have Plane and Bus Tickets Travel?

According to the Partial Closure Circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, ticket buyers in intercity public transportation vehicles such as planes, buses and trains will be able to travel if they show their ticket reservation codes. Turkey's Leading Travel Site Enuyg the "night of 14 April from 19.00:XNUMX hours [more…]

istanbul metro tunnels become art venues
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Metro Tunnels Become Art Space

IMM makes the rail system tunnels the crossroads of culture and art. The Taksim - Harbiye approach tunnel, which hosted an exhibition in 2005, was once again "hello" to art with an unusual project called "Finding Healing in Istanbul" [more…]