durmazlar Now it will produce a tram for the city of romanian recital
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Durmazlar To Build Tram for Romania's Resita City

Turkey is the leading provider of technology-producing Durmazlar The power of the machine and technological support for the first time perform tram production in Turkey Durmazlar Rail Systems, after the trams produced for the Polish city of Olsztyn, now for the Romanian city of Resita [more…]

In Poland, at the level crossing, the train crashed into the truck.
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Train Crashed into Truck at Level Crossing in Poland 14 Injured

At the level crossing near Poznan in the west of Poland, 2 people were injured when the train hit a truck at the level crossing. According to the information obtained, the accident occurred yesterday evening at the level crossing in the village of Bolechowo, located around the city of Poznan in western Poland. Passenger train running Poznan-Wagrowiec, [more…]

giant step for modernization of poland railway line
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Giant Step for Polish Railway Line Modernization

Budimex Budownictwo and PKP Polish Railway Lines signed a contract for the modernization of the Goczałkowice-Zdrój - Czechowice-Dziedzice - Zabrzeg line in Silesia for 324 million Euros (1.4 billion PLN). The project includes 47 km of railway line and 56 km of overhead. [more…]

poland belarus railroad line refreshing
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Polish Belarus Railway Line Renewed

Polish Railway Lines signed 32,3 million Euros (138 million PLN) with the Intop - Torkol - Rajbud Consortium for the revitalization of the Podkarpackie - Chryzanów line. This railway provides transport between Belarus in the eastern part of the country and at the Siemianówka border station. [more…]

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Novociti Life from Anadolu Isuzu to Poland

Anadolu Isuzu, which is on the way to become a global bus brand, delivered 24 pieces of Isuzu Novociti Life to Lodz Municipality of Poland. Anadolu Isuzu continues its growth in export markets with the deliveries and tenders it has won. Anadolu Isuzu's growth in exports [more…]

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Durmazlarof the National Tram Panorama, Poland

The world's 7 tram manufacturer Bursa Durmazlarwill make its first export to EU member Poland. In the first stage, 12 'Panorama' tram will serve on the streets of Olsztyn. Bursalı Durmazlar, Turkey's first indigenous tram is exported to Poland. And Kocaeli in Turkey [more…]

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Closed barriers did not notice, death passed tangent

When the vehicle approaching the level crossing did not notice the closed level crossing barriers, it broke and entered the crossing. The driver and three of his friends escaped from being under the train with a centimeter difference. The woman in Poland who does not notice the closed barriers of the level crossing [more…]

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UPS expands China-Europe rail service

UPS expands China-Europe rail service: China and cities added to the European line provide greater access to alternative shipping options for UPS customers UPS (NYSE: UPS), today the Preferred full capacity container between Europe and China [more…]

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Support for Metro expansion project from European Union to Warsaw

Support from the European Union for Warsaw's metro expansion project: The European Union Commission announced that 432 million Euros will be invested in the metro expansion project of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, on the grounds that it is in line with the Energy Union's emission reduction strategy targets. EU resource to be transferred to Poland, [more…]

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Competition on rails is heating up

Competition on rails is growing: German railway company Deutsche Bahn introduces the new high-speed train model. High-speed trains that are competing for the air travel are competing not only with speed but also with comfort. European railways with airline tickets [more…]

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Trainload of Nazi Gold in Poland

In Poland, the trainload of Nazi gold spells: At the end of the Second World War in Poland, the excavations began on the discovery of a train full of gold, jewels and weapons believed to be hidden before the Soviet Union invaded Poland. Last year August [more…]

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Train Truck Mower 1 Seconds Before (Video)

One second before the train mowing the truck: Noticing the truck malfunctioning at the level crossing in Poland, the mechanic made great efforts to warn the passengers of the collision. As the train continues on its way by smashing the truck chassis, who are aware of the collision [more…]

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Pensive woman sitting under the tram

The pensive woman was trapped under the tram: The woman who wanted to cross the tramway in Poland almost paid the price of her distraction with her life. The woman who wanted to cross the tramway in Poland paid the price of her distraction with a little more life. Tuesday, [more…]

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Polish Company Pesa to produce Metro Train

Polish Company Pesa to Produce Metro Train: Polish train manufacturer Pesa announced that they will produce subway trains. A project support fund of up to 24 million zloty was provided from the Polish National Research and Development Center for the train whose design was completed. [more…]