Czech train accident mechanic lost his life
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Czechia Train Crash! 1 Machinist Loses His Life

Two freight trains collided on the Usti Nad Labem-Chomutov railway line near the town of Svetec in the northern Czech Republic. It was stated that the accident occurred as a result of a red light violation by one of the mechanics, while the mechanic injured in the accident [more…]

Temsadan praga electric bus
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Electric Bus from TEMSA to Prague

TEMSA and its sister company, Škoda, which won the electric bus tender in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, will deliver their fleet of 14 buses at the end of this year. Approximately 10 million dollars worth of contract, also with TEMSA's sister company Škoda [more…]

Czech Republic Railways
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Czech Republic Railways to Receive 160 DMUs

The Czech Republic railway company will buy CD 160 DMU sets. A tender was opened for DMUs that were requested to travel at a speed of 120 km / h. The first purchase will be a package containing 33 sets. According to the tender, the first of this diesel locomotive [more…]

moments when the yuk train derails
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Lime Loaded Train Overturned In Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the lime freight train was derailed and overturned. Images of the moments when the train was derailed and overturned were published. The crash occurred on July 29 at around 16.30 local time, near the city of Marianske Lazne in the Karlovy Vary region. Derailed load [more…]

two trains in the Czech Republic
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Two Trains Collide Head to Head in the Czech Republic!

Two trains, one of which was a passenger train, collided head-on in the east of the Czech Republic. Czech Railways Press Sector Peter Shtyaglavsky said that according to the first determinations in the collision, 6 people were injured and one person was in a serious condition. Shtyaglavsky, one of the trains [more…]

9 million euro locomotive agreement
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9 Million Euro Locomotive Agreement

Czech CZ Loko won a public tender to supply Slovenian railway operator Slovenske Železnice's cargo arm Tovorni Promet with four new diesel maneuvering locomotives for the Koper freight station. CZ, the only company participating in the tender [more…]

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World Famous Singer Rihanna Backs Tram For Friends

World Famous Singer Rihanna Closes The Tram For Her Friends: World star Rıhanna, who was on vacation in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, the famous singer who went on a city tour with the historical tram, closed the tram for himself and his friends. Celebrity who takes a city tour by drinking champagne [more…]

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The Wind of the Train Pushed the Young People into the Air

The wind of the train threw the young people into the air: The wind of the high-speed train hurled the two young people like a piece of paper. In the Czech Republic, 2 young people who wanted to cross the rails to the opposite side returned from death. Because the train coming from the opposite direction, [more…]

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EVO1 Trams in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, EVO1 Trams Started Test Drives as Passengers: The trams to be used in the transport network of the Czech Republic's capital city Prague started test drives with passengers. Fully locally produced EVO1 Trams 5,6 of the Prague city tram line [more…]

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Train Splits TIR Passing in Red Light (Video)

The Train Divides the Truck Passing on the Red Light in Two: A TIR passing at the crossing in the Czech Republic was divided into two. The truck driver survived the accident with minor injuries. A truck at the crossing in Frydek Mistek, Central European country, Czech Republic [more…]

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New Metro Line to Prague

New Metro Line to be Made to Prague: A statement was made to bring a new line to Prague metro, the capital of the Czech Republic. According to the statement made by the Prague city council, it was stated that the D line will be built after the A, B and C lines of the city metro. This [more…]

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Speed ​​Train Hit In The Czech Republic

High Speed ​​Train Hit Truck in Czech Republic: Two people lost their lives when a high-speed train hit a truck at a level crossing in the east of the Czech Republic. Railway Control Board SözcüMartin Drapal said in a statement that in the morning at the level crossing in the town of Studenka [more…]