Karsan continues to electrify with its vehicles
40 Romania

Karsan's Electric Minibuses Started Service in Romania

Offering modern solutions that can adapt to every city with its innovative vehicles for public transportation systems, Karsan continues to contribute to the transportation of European cities with its electrical product range. Winner of the electric minibus tender for the Romanian city of Suceava last year [more…]

40 Romania

Romania Said Karsan Jest Electric Again!

Karsan, which offers transportation solutions suitable for the mobility needs of the age in its factory in Bursa, won the electric minibus tender held in Beclean, Romania. Recently, the tender for 10 electric minibuses for the Romanian city of Suceava [more…]

esta construction signed contract in romania
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ESTA İnşaat signs a contract in Romania

The business partnership of ESTA İNŞAAT, which is the leader, won the tender for the "maintenance, arrangement and modernization works of the areas within the municipality boundaries" organized by the Sector 5 Municipality of Bucharest. The contract price of the project, the contract of which was signed in the past days, is 198 million USD. Covered parking, [more…]

autonomous bus of the car will serve in romania
16 Bursa

Karsan's Autonomous Bus Will Serve in Romania!

Karsan produces an electric public transport in Turkey and exported to the world, he began to work to gain autonomous driving characteristics Electric announced that the Autonomous Attack, received the first order. BSCI, one of the leading technology companies in Romania, is used in the Industrial Park in Ploeşti city. [more…]

romania turk prefers rail system brands
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Romania Prefers Turkish Rail System Brands

After the domestic buses recently exported to Romania, Turkish companies have now started to export rail system vehicles to Romania. Durmazlar ve Bozankaya Received large rail system orders in Romania. More than 130 trams to Bucharest, Lashi and Timişoara [more…]

bus to bus
16 Bursa

Tram from Bursa to Bucharest and Bus to Rome

Tram to Bucharest, Bus to Rome; The beginning ... Bursa Organized Industrial Zone, which has a textile-oriented structure, turned to automotive sector-oriented production in the following years. Because… The two major automobile manufacturers, Tofaş-Fiat and Oyak Renault, caused the city's industrial balance to turn from textiles to automotive. [more…]

Here is the tram tender durmazlar won
16 Bursa

Bucharest Tram Tender Durmazlar Won

Bucharest Tram Tender Durmazlar Won; Romania's capital Bucharest the tram tender in producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Durmazlar Holding won. According to reports in the Romanian media, the media Durmazlar General Manager Abdullah Bocan, concluded the tender [more…]