bechtel enka uk will build highway in serbia
381 Serbia

ENKA to Build Highway in Serbia with Partner Bechtel

ENKA, together with its joint venture partner Bechtel, has been selected by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to undertake the design and construction of the 10-kilometer Morava Corridor Motorway Project, which will connect Central Serbia with Pan-European Corridors No. 11 and 112. Morava [more…]

belgrade sarajevo motorway to stimulate trade
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Belgrade Sarajevo Motorway to Revitalize Business

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Turkey also supported by Belgrade-Sarajevo highway for the project, "This highway corridors and improving their standard, Bosnia, particularly Herzegovina to revive the trade in other neighboring countries, the economy, the industry and other [more…]

sirp tourism
20 Denizli

Serbian Tourism Professionals in Denizli

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Serbia Belgrade hosted Turkish Airlines representative Aleksandra Dejanovic and representatives of tourism agencies. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that it has universal tourism values. [more…]

22 Edirne

Optima Express 2017 Expeditions Started

Optima Express 2017 Expedition Started: Optima Express flights between preferences of those who want to make the trip by train between Europe and Turkey began in April 21. The first train of the Optima Express 25 season, which has carried out its flights over the 2017 year [more…]

381 Kosovo

Train tension grows between Kosovo and Serbia

Train tension is growing between Kosovo and Serbia: The crisis, which started with the train trying to enter the territory of Kosovo without permission, from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is growing. Serbia threatened to send troops to its neighbor, Kosovo, which it considers its territory. War kosovo [more…]

381 Kosovo

Serbian train raises tensions with Kosovo

The Serbian train has raised tensions with Kosovo: A train with Serbian nationalist slogans and paintings moved from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, to northern Kosovo on Saturday. However, the train is on the border in order to revive the hostilities during the war and not to raise the tension. [more…]

381 Serbia

TCDD and Serbian Railways hold bilateral meeting

The TCDD and the Serbian Railways held a bilateral meeting: a cooperation meeting was held between the officials of the Load Office and Serbian Railways officials. Freight Department officials about the Serbian Railways officials made between magnesite transport from Turkey to Austria [more…]

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Train from Belgrade to Budapest

Train travel between Belgrade - Budapest: There are two direct daily departures from Belgrade Railway Station to Budapest Keleti Railway Station. The day train departs from Belgrade at 6.45 in the morning and arrives in Budapest at 14.54 in the afternoon. Night train is night [more…]

train Serbia
381 Serbia

Serbian Railways Renewed

Serbia's railways are being renewed: Serbian Railways company Zeleznice Srbije announced that the restructuring of some in-country railways will begin as of July 15 after government approval. 4 company undertook the configuration process. Accordingly, the project's 3809 km section of the infrastructure ZS [more…]

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Young Explorers Train in Serbia

Young Explorers Train in Serbia: 118 people male group of students from Turkey, found the opportunity to explore major historical and tourist sites in Serbia's capital Belgrade. 118 students participating in the "Young Explorers Train Project" carried out by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, [more…]

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Trains in Serbia

Train Hit the Car in Serbia: Four people were killed when a train hit a car passing over the tracks near the city of Zayecar in eastern Serbia. According to the information received, it belongs to the Serbian Railways, which is making the Prahovo-Zayeçar flight. [more…]

22 Edirne

Students will Take a Balkan Tour by Train

Students Will Take a Balkan Tour by Train Within the scope of the “Youth train this country is ours” project implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and TCDD, 240 students will take a Balkan tour by train. According to the statement made by TCDD; The first of the Balkan Youth Train [more…]

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Train accident in Belgrade: 15 injured

Train accident in Belgrade: 15 injured 15 people were injured as a result of the collision of two suburban trains in the tunnel in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. According to the information received, two suburban trains running between Novi Belgrad and Zemun collided as they entered the tunnel. In the accident, [more…]

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Serbian Railways cannot use its commercial potential

The total value of Serbian Railways is around 2.4 Million euros, according to the Scientific Research Center of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. Most of the assets have been spent on infrastructure investments. Railways are used only as much as necessary for commercial purposes. But the company is enough [more…]

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Tram accident in Belgrade

14 people were reported injured in the collision of two trams in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. In the tram accident that took place this morning at the corner of King Aleksandar Boulevard and Rousvelt Street, one of the central places of Belgrade, 14 people were slightly injured and the wounded were [more…]