Bolukbasidan's Best Performance of the Season
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Best Performance of the Season by Bölükbaşı

Our national athlete Cem Bölükbaşı gave a successful performance in the 2022th leg of the 2 FIA Formula 10 World Championship, which was run on the Hungaroring track in Hungary. The young athlete entered the main race, which took place on Sunday, July 31, in the 16th. [more…]

Train Accident and Injured in Hungary
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Train Wreck in Hungary: Dead and Injured

A pickup truck derailed the train it hit in southern Hungary. The police announced that there were deaths and injuries in the accident. A large number of people were killed when a train crashed into a minibus at a level crossing in Mindszent, in the Csongrad-Csanad region of Hungary. [more…]

Transit document problem with Hungary has been resolved
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Transit Document Problem with Hungary Solved

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that the "Turkey-Hungary Joint Commission Meeting on Land Transport" was held via video conference. In the statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the new decision taken as a result of the negotiations with Hungary [more…]

Doing Business with Hungary
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EGİAD Hungary Improves Business Relations

Turkey and its roots centuries ago, based on recent examples of friendship between Hungary, the outbreak of fighting Kovid-19 exhibited; One step in the scope of cooperation EGİADcame from. EGİAD International Relations and Foreign Trade Commission [more…]

a struggle filled with sharp bends hungary grand prix
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'2019 Grand Prix of Hungary'

The vast majority of pilots have embarked on their careers; Hungaroring, which has plenty of sharp bends near Budapest, reminds you of those days because it is the lowest average speed fixed track. However, this [more…]

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Hungarians want Olympic, not metro

Hungarians want the subway, not the Olympic: The subway frequent breakdown in the Hungarian capital Budapest revolted the passengers. Capitalists who protest that the city that gives the most tax in the country does not deserve this subway service protests [more…]

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Hungary Trams in Africa

Hungarian Tramways in Africa: The prototype tram, produced by Hungarian tram manufacturer Dunai Repülögepgyar for African countries, was delivered to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The produced tram was actually built in 2010 in Szeged, Hungary. But that [more…]

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Vienna-Budapest train service stops during refugee crisis

Vienna-Budapest train services were stopped in the refugee crisis: Austria announced that the Vienna-Budapest train services were suspended due to the increase in the number of asylum seekers from Hungary. In the statement made by the Austrian State Railways (ÖBB), train services from Budapest to Vienna [more…]

Train Garinda Riot
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Rebel at Train Station

Rebellion at the train station: Hundreds of asylum seekers protested yesterday after the closure of Keleti at the main stations to prevent asylum seekers from passing to other EU countries in the Hungarian capital Budapest. At the station where asylum seekers as many as 1000 camped [more…]

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Hungary's Budapest-Esztergon Line Reopens

Budapest-Estergon Line Reopened in Hungary: Hungarian national passenger operator MAV-Start announced that the Budapest-Estergon line, whose modernization has been completed, has been put back into service. Thus, as of August 20, the line became active again. your line [more…]