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Greek Food Wholesale UK

Greek food wholesaler England refers to Greek food wholesale in the UK. Greek cuisine is one of the first cuisines that come to mind when it comes to world cuisines. Because, as a return of geographical proximity, Greek cuisine, especially Aegean cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine [more…]

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Connecting Railroad Pythio Istanbul Turkey to Europe

Istanbul-Sirkeci - Pythio rail, Istanbul's European side in Sirkeci starting from the Station and Turkey by traverses the East Thrace in Greece's Evros province, Kumçiftlig of (Orestiada) Pythio in the district (Kuleliburgaz) ended at Train Station eren is the main line railway. Pehlivanköy [more…]

The favorite of Corinth Canal tourism agencies
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Favorite of Corinth Canal Tourism Agencies

The thinnest part of the Isthmus of Corinth was chosen to dig the canal. Its construction is between 1881 and 1893. It is approximately 6,3 km long and connects the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. Greeks jokingly call it "evacuation", really [more…]

railway workers strike in greece
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Railway Workers Strike in Greece

Against the New Democracy government's 'Growth Act', railway workers in Athens announced that they will strike 24 hourly. Employees of subway, tram, bus and trolleybus in Athens, 24 hourly to protest the 'Growth Act' provisions of the New Democracy (ND) government [more…]

Thessaloniki Dedeagac Expedition Train Mandalara Carpti
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Thessaloniki Alexandroupolis Expedition Train Slammed Mandalas!

The train, which made the Thessaloniki-Alexandroupoli flight, had an interesting accident on Saturday. In the accident that took place in Northern Greece, the train that made the Thessaloniki-Alexandroupolis expedition hit two mandates. According to the news reported by Minority, after the collision, it was determined whether there was any damage to the locomotive. [more…]

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2 Refugees Died in Train Crash in Alexandroupoli

Two asylum seekers, who entered Greece on the run, fell asleep on the rails due to the exhaustion and stress of the journey and died by being trapped under a train. In the incident that took place on the Alexandroupolis train road last night, the driver of the train noticed that there was someone on the rails at the last minute, [more…]

turkey greece railway conference
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Turkey and Greece Railway Meeting held in Thessaloniki

Turkey and Greece Railway Meeting held in Thessaloniki: Greece and Turkey gathered in Thessaloniki railway delegation. At the meeting, work was started to start freight and passenger train operations between Istanbul and Thessaloniki until 2019. The second meeting of the Turkey-Greece TCDD General Director [more…]

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Attack with Molotov Cocktails at Atina

Attack on Trolleybuses with Molotov cocktails in Athens: 3 trolleybuses burned down in Athens, the capital city of Greece, became unusable as a result of thrown Molotov cocktails. A group stopped 3 trolleybuses on Patission Street, near Eksarhia district, and after unloading the passengers inside, the vehicles [more…]

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High speed train attack from Tsipras

High speed train attack from Tsipras: Greek Prime Minister Aleksis Tsipras said, “We are planning Burgaz-Alexandroupolis high-speed train connection that will connect the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea. Greek Prime Minister Aleksis Tsipras said, "We are planning a high-speed train connection to Burgas-Alexandroupolis that will connect the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea." said. Tsipras and the Bulgarian Prime Minister [more…]

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The greek railway company of Italians

Greek railway company Italians: The sale of the Greek state railways passenger and cargo transport company TRAINOSE to the Italian state railway company Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane has been approved for 45 million euros. Made from the country's Greek Asset Development Fund (HRADF) responsible for privatization [more…]

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A wagon of Abdulaziz Khan's train in Athens

A wagon of Abdulaziz Khan's train is in Athens: The Athens Train Museum, established in 1979, reveals the history of the railway in the country. The museum, where trains used in Greece hundreds of years ago, are exhibited, is a frequent destination for tourists. Sultan is one of the most important parts of the museum [more…]