Israeli airlines El Al began to re-turkiyeye end
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Israeli El-Al Airlines Flying Start again to Turkey

Israel-based El-Al Airlines stopped its flights to Turkey 13 years ago, after many years, according to statements made by the company, the company will continue to be two cargo flights per week. According to the news of Şalom newspaper, due to the dispute in the commercial legislation [more…]

Israel plans to build a cable car line in Jerusalem
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Israel Plans to Build Cableway Line in Jerusalem

Architects and activists react to the ropeway that Israel plans to build in order to consolidate its control in Jerusalem. Israeli project managers will save the city from the traffic noise of the cable car line and 3 thousand tourists per hour from the west side of the historic area in East Jerusalem [more…]

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Israel names Western Wall Railway Station after Donald Trump

It has been announced that the name of the US leader, who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and raised the world, will be given to the train station built in the historical region. Yediot Ahronoth newspaper broadcasting in Israel, Tel Aviv administration to the Wailing Wall Train Station in Jerusalem, USA [more…]

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Israel Plans to Extend Tel Aviv Metro Line to Burak Wall

Israel Plans to Extend the Tel Aviv Metro Line to the Burak Wall: Israel is planning to extend the Tel Aviv metro line to the area of ​​the Burak Wall (Wailing Wall) adjacent to the Masjid al-Aqsa in East Jerusalem. According to the news of Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Israeli Minister of Transport [more…]

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Izmir Metro is being opened abroad

Izmir Metro is being opened abroad: Israelis, Tel Aviv subway line operation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality of public transportation companies proposed Metro Inc.. After the talks in Berlin, the Israeli delegation came to Izmir, the new metro line with 34 station operating services together [more…]

35 Izmir

Israel is looking for Turkish company for subway construction

Israel is looking for a Turkish company for the construction of the subway: Shai Cohen, the Consul General of Israel in Istanbul, said that they are looking for a Turkish partner for the subway they started to build in their country. Cohen, the Consul General of Israel in Istanbul and the delegation accompanying him with the President of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Ekrem Demirtaş, in his office [more…]

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Bidding for trains to be used in Israeli railways

Tender for Trains to be Used on Israeli Railways Concluded: Israel took another step within the scope of the electrification of domestic lines. Israeli railways previously announced the result of the tender for the purchase of 62 electric locomotives. Bombardier Transportation [more…]

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Israel Receives New Locomotives from Bombardier

Israel Buys New Locomotives from Bombardier Company: Israel Railways announced on August 5th that it will buy 62 Traxx AC electric locomotives from Bombardier. The agreement worth 1 billion Israeli Shekels (241,58 million Euros) was mutually signed between the parties. [more…]

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France will pay Jews compensation

France will pay the Jews genocide compensation: France and the United States agreed to pay compensation to Jewish holocaust victims and their relatives who were transported by the French state railway company during World War II and taken to Nazi camps. French state railway named SNCF [more…]

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9 Injured In The Tram Stop In Jerusalem

Vehicle Dives into Tram Stop in Jerusalem 9 Injured: In Jerusalem, a Palestinian driver hit the people at the tram stop and 3 people were injured, 9 of them serious. Turkey Hill tram stop of a car entering the Immunitio of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem Consulate General also found that, [more…]

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Israel bid for electric locomotive purchase

Israel launches a tender for electric locomotives: Israel Railways (ISR) launches a tender for electric train locomotives. 62 and 78 25 kV 50 Hz electric locomotives will be procured within the framework of the electrification program of ISR. Locomotives mixed traffic operation [more…]

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Pegasus Tel Aviv flights to 3 per day

Pegasus Tel Aviv Expeditions Arrived to 3 every day: Pegasus Airlines, which has been flying since June 2012, is on its 30 expedition from 3 March. 32 in a wide geography that extends its guests to Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East [more…]

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Ottoman train in Israel

The Ottoman train in Israel: Did you know that in the time of the Ottoman Empire, the largest port of Israel today could take the train from Haifa and take the train to the capital of Syria? A group of Israeli historians advanced this past by the time of the historic railroad, but today is a precious antique [more…]

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Israel's Jerusalem Tram Project

Israel's Tramway Project in Jerusalem The Arab League condemned the tram project that would connect Israel's East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem, where settlements were established by occupying the lands of 1967. At the Arab League meeting held at the level of delegates, “Israel's Jewishization and occupation of Jerusalem [more…]

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Rail plan to the West Bank

Israel's Haaretz newspaper announced that the Israeli railway company is preparing a 11-kilometer-long 475-line railway plan in the West Bank. The Israeli railway company reached by AFP sözcüThe plan has been submitted to the Israeli Ministry of Transport, but the issue is up to the politicians' decision. [more…]

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In Pursuit of Alternative to Suez Canal by Israeli Railway

Israel's signing of an alternative project to the Suez Canal by constructing a railway line between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea had an echo in Egypt. The linking of the port of Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast with the railway in the city of Eliyat on the Red Sea, announced by Israel at the end of January [more…]