35 Izmir

Izmir Metro is being opened abroad

Izmir Metro opens abroad: The Israelis proposed the operation of the Tel Aviv metro line to Metro A.Ş., one of the public transportation companies of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. After the talks in Berlin, the Israeli delegation came to Izmir, the new 34 station [more…]

33 France

France will pay Jews compensation

France will pay the Jews reparation: France and the United States agreed to pay compensation to the victims of the Holocaust and their relatives who were transported to the Nazi camps by the French state railway company during the Second World War. [more…]

972 Israel

9 Injured In The Tram Stop In Jerusalem

Vehicle Plunged into Tram Stop in Jerusalem 9 Injured: In Jerusalem, 3 people were injured, 9 of them seriously, as a result of a Palestinian driver hitting the people at the tram stop. Immunition Hill in the Sheikh Cerrah district, where Turkey's Consulate General in Jerusalem is located [more…]

972 Israel

Ottoman train in Israel

Ottoman train in Israel: Did you know that during the time of the Ottoman Empire, Israel's largest port, Haifa, could take a train to the Syrian capital by train? A group of Israeli historians advanced this historical railway [more…]