lebanon central bank went bankrupt
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Lebanese Central Bank Announces Bankruptcy

Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Saadeh Al-Shami, in a television program he attended, stated that the state and the Central Bank of Lebanon had gone bankrupt and that the losses would be distributed among the state, the Central Bank of Lebanon, banks and depositors. [more…]

961 Lebanon

200 Bus Gift from Istanbul to Africa

200 Bus from Istanbul to Africa Gift: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality approved the granting of 8 buses to 200 African country and Lebanon. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 8 separate country of Africa in June meetings [more…]

961 Lebanon

The Hijaz Railway's Beirut stop

Beirut stop of the Hejaz Railway: A conference and exhibition on the history of railways was held in Lebanon. In the event where the current status of the stations were discussed, the exhibition called Beirut Station of the Hejaz Railway attracted great attention. [more…]