India technology exports from Turkey
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Technology Exports from Turkey to India

Reaching 12 countries of the world with turnkey solutions in smart city technologies, ASIS CT ​​continues to offer transportation infrastructure solutions in India. Asis conducting end-to-end software and hardware activities of India's Pune, Indore, Amritsar and Mumbai subway [more…]

audi focuses on second use rather than early recycling
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Audi Focuses on Second Use, Instead of Early Recycling

Audi creates a new area of ​​use that will evaluate the battery modules used in its electric models after they end their life. Collaborating with the Audi Environment Foundation and Nunam company, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, prototype of an energy storage system made from used materials. [more…]

india and singapore waiting for turkish food products
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India and Singapore are waiting for Turkish Food Products

After Covid-19, it made demand for Turkish food products. India, the second most populous country in the world, and Singapore, one of the world's most important trade centers, demand Turkish food products. Aegean Exporters Associations, "The Course of the Coronavirus Outbreak in Our Target Markets" video [more…]

India turns train wagons into quarantine centers
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India Transforms Train Wagons into Quarantine Centers

In India, quarantine centers will be established on railways that are out of use within the scope of quarantine measures. Passenger wagons on unused trains will be turned into quarantine centers. The Indian government will turn unused trains into quarantine centers. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, corona in India with a population of 1.3 billion [more…]

india railway route map
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India High Speed ​​Train Route Map

India High Speed ​​Train Route Map: India will soon have the Bullet Train line, the only high-speed train that can run trains at speeds of more than 250 km per hour. Thanks to Japan's transfer of bullet train technology to India, [more…]

World's Fastest Train
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Record-breaking World's Unique 5 Train

Trains, one of the oldest public transportation vehicles in the world, have been in our lives for centuries. Trains that are developing and changing with the developing technology are frequently preferred today for both freight and passenger transportation. You are the most unique in the field that broke a record [more…]

two passenger train carpists in india
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Two Passenger Trains Collide in India 16 Injured

Two Passenger Trains Collide in India 16 Injured; In India, the passenger train derailed and hit another passenger train. 16 people were injured in the train accident that occurred in Hyderabad. The accident occurred near Kacheguda Train Station in Hyderabad, Telangana state. [more…]

world railway length
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World Railway Length

World Railroad Length: The country with the longest railway line is the United States of America and it is 2014 km according to 293,564 data. Later, the union of countries with the world's most developed and long lines, Europe [more…]

india economy and rail system investments
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Indian Economy and Rail System Investments

Indian Economy and Rail System Investments: The Republic of India is the country with the seventh largest geographic area and the second largest population in the world. It has a population of 1,3 billion and an area of ​​3.287.259 km². The capital of the country is New Delhi. From 1991 [more…]

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project
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Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project: Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project is India's first very high speed train project consisting of 508.17 km long 12 Stations. Project Name: Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed ​​(High Speed ​​Train) Project Owner: Indian Railways, Govt. [more…]

The Elephant Hitting the Train in India
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The Elephant Hitting the Train in India

Video Of The Elephant Hit By Train In India, Their Hearts Are Broken. A speeding train in India hit the elephant walking on rails. The elephant, seriously injured by the impact, went to the forest by its own means. The accident happened in the Jalpaiguri area of ​​Northern Bengal. West of India [more…]

tragic train crash in india 7
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Disastrous Train Crash 7 Dead 29 Injured in India

Nine cars of a passenger train derailed in the state of Bihar, India. According to the first estimates in the accident, 7 people died and 29 people were injured. In the nine wagons that were knocked down as a result of a passenger train derailment in the state of Bihar in eastern India, [more…]