Transport minister lin overtakes responsibility for taiwan train crash
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Taiwan Transport Minister Takes Responsibility for 50 Killed Train Crash

The resignation of Minister Lin, who declared that 51 people in Taiwan will not escape responsibility while discussing whether there is negligence of the Ministry of Transport and the railways administration in the train accident has not been accepted for now. Responsible for the crane that caused the accident was detained again yesterday, apology from the victims' families [more…]

Investigation into taiwan train accident started
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Investigation Launched into Taiwan Train Crash

An investigation has been launched into the accident in which at least 54 people died as a result of the derailment of the train in the Hualien district in eastern Taiwan. The prosecutor's office, when the train was about to enter the tunnel, was parked on the hill near the railway line and on the rails for an unidentified reason. [more…]

taiwan train accident least dead injured
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Taiwan Train Crash: At Least 48 Dead

A passenger train with 350 wagons carrying about 8 people derailed in the Hualien region in eastern Taiwan. According to the latest information, 48 people died in the accident, 118 people were injured. Explaining that 118 people injured in the accident were treated at the hospital [more…]

costa sandalci fiata honorary title
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Kosta Sandalcı is honored with FIATA Honorary Membership

Kosta Sandalcı has been awarded the title of Honorary Membership of FIATA: Due to the works she has carried out in FIATA on behalf of the Turkish Logistics industry, Kosta Sandalcı, former president of UTIKAD, was awarded the title of "Honorary Membership of FIATA". Over 40 thousand logistics worldwide [more…]

taipei metro no longer longer
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Taipei Metro is now longer

Taipei Subway Made Longer: The subway railway has been extended in Taipei, Taiwan's capital city. It was announced that the line extension on the 5th line of the Taipei metro will be operational in the next few days and that citizens will be able to use this line free of charge for a month. Yonging-Dingpu [more…]