gin and finland education programs won the unesco award
358 Finland

China and Finland Education Programs Won UNESCO Award

The two 2020 winners of the UNESCO-King Hamad Bin Isa-Al Khalifa award are the programs of China and Finland for the use of information and communication technologies in education. China's award-winning program promotes the use of artificial intelligence to support the continuity and quality of learning. [more…]

xiaomi will produce electric cars
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Xiaomi Will Build Electric Cars

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced that it has officially entered the automotive industry with its new smart electric vehicle (EV) unit. The statement that will stimulate the electric car market came from China. China-based phone company Xiaomi has officially announced that it has entered the automotive industry. 100 percent [more…]

sangay carbon neutral to create pilot zone
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Shanghai to Establish a Carbon-Neutral Pilot Zone

Chongming County of Shanghai aims to create a worldwide carbon-neutral ecological pilot zone in the next five years. Shanghai Ecology and Environment Office officials of the relevant county signed an agreement on the implementation of the carbon neutrality initiative. Shanghai Ecology [more…]

baidu begins driverless taxi service with apollo go
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Baidu Starts Driverless Taxi Service with Apollo Go

Baidu will be the first company in China to offer autonomous taxi service to its passengers with money. Baidu, the country's largest artificial intelligence firm, has obtained a license to operate in this area from the authorities of the city of Cangzhou in the northern Chinese province of Hebei. Baidu, from now on [more…]

Gin plans to establish a research station
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China Plans to Build Research Station at South Pole of the Moon

Wu Weiren, the lead designer of China's Moon exploration program, noted that the feasibility studies of the fourth phase of the program have been completed, and China plans to establish an international research station at the south pole of the Moon. Wu with Chang'e-6 as part of the fourth phase of China's Moon exploration program [more…]

Automobile sales broke a record in February
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Car Sales in China Set a Record in February

China Automobile Manufacturers Association announced on March 11 that automobile sales increased by 1,46 percent in the last month, with sales of 365 million units compared to the same month of the previous year. A year ago, in February, the Chinese were full [more…]

Beijing will organize the best winter sports festival in the world
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Beijing to Organize World's Best Winter Sports Festival

The 137th Plenary Meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was held yesterday via video conference. IOC President Thomas Bach praised the preparatory work for China, which will host the Winter Olympics. President Bach was appointed as a member of the IOC in this extraordinary Olympic year [more…]

huawei smart phone having jeep trouble lost its throne to oppo
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Huawei smartphone lost the throne to Oppo with chip shortage

Huawei, which is dealing with the US government's blocking efforts abroad, lost its first place in the smartphone market in China to Oppo. The decline in sales that started in 2020 continued in the last quarter of the year. It was found that the delivery of smartphones decreased by 34,5 percent in the company's total last year. [more…]