bozankayaThe subway vehicles produced by. started service in thailand.
06 Ankara

BozankayaMetro Vehicles Launched in Thailand

2016 establishes consortium partnership with Siemens Mobility Bozankayaintroduced the first subway vehicle of the winning tender at its production facilities in Ankara exactly 25 months later. Trains started to ship since June 2018 to Thailand after a sea voyage of over 15.000 kilometers. [more…]

06 Ankara

BozankayaTo Export Metro to Thailand!

Turkish company winning the subway tender for Bangkok, Thailand's capital Bozankaya Automotive will export the 22 metro train next year. First established as an R & D company in Germany Bozankaya Automotive, very important to be made by Turkey abroad [more…]

06 Ankara

Turkish subway to Bangkok

Turkish subway to Bangkok: from Ankara Bozankaya Company's subway wagons will begin to carry passengers in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand as of 2018. Siemens, manufacturer of transport vehicles for the purchase of 22 subway vehicles in Bangkok Bozankaya to order in 2016 [more…]

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66 Thailand

Thai teenager survived under the train

The man who passed the train over in Thailand surprised everyone: The incident that took place at the train station in Phetchaburi, Thailand, surprised those who saw it. In the footage, which security cameras record the incident from moment to moment, a teenager jumps in front of the train as the train approaches the station. Two [more…]

06 Ankara

Metro Company of Bangkok Bozankaya will produce

Ankara Company of Bangkok's Metro Vehicles Bozankaya Produce: 22 4 subway cars to be purchased in Bangkok as part of the fourth largest fast transport project Bozankaya It will be produced by the company in its factories in Ankara. Bangkok, as part of the fourth largest fast transport project [more…]

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Monorail Lines will be opened in Bangkok, Capital of Thailand

Monorail Lines to Be Opened in Thailand's Capital Bangkok: The government's public-private partnership committee signed the draft prepared for the construction of monorail lines in Thailand's capital Bangkok. The draft prepared includes the construction of two monorail lines named pink and yellow lines in Bangkok. Making [more…]

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3 dead, 30 injured in train crash in Thailand

Train crash in Thailand 3 people killed and 30 injured. At least 3 people were killed and more than 30 were injured as a result of a collision between a train and a truck in Thailand. Train, cattle crossing the rails in the accident that occurred in Phetchaburi, Thailand. [more…]

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First signature in Pan-Asian Railway Network

The first signing of the Pan-Asian Railway Network: The first phase of the 5-kilometer-long railway network from China to Singapore will be between Kunming and Bangkok. With the agreement signed between China and Thailand, the "Pan-Asian Railway Network" where Bangkok will be the center [more…]

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The miracle salvation in Thailand

Miracle salvation in Thailand: 35-year-old Supakorn Trakulkaew jumped in front of the train to commit suicide in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand. The man who fell between the tracks survived with only a few minor injuries. Supakorn Trakulkaew, who stated that his mental balance was not in place, was at noon. [more…]

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4 dead train in Thailand

Train accident in Thailand 4 dead: As a result of the collision of the train and the car in the north of Thailand, 4 people in the vehicle which turned into a fireball burned and lost their lives. In the accident that occurred in the city of Nakhon Si Thammarat, the train with passengers [more…]

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Japan wants to invest in Thailand

Japan wants to invest in Thailand: Thai Foreign Ministry, Japan's; announced that it wants to invest in infrastructure in Taylan, especially in high-speed train and satellite technology. Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan's; high speed train and satellite technology [more…]

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Thai Prime Minister Shinawatra Visited Marmaris

Thai Prime Minister Shinawatra toured Turkey Marmaray visiting Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and his delegation had the opportunity to see firsthand the Maymaray Project. According to the information obtained from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, Shinawatra and [more…]

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2012 Railway Summit Starts in Bangkok

The Railway Summit, held between October 24-26, started in Thailand's capital, Bangkok. Held for the 7th time this year, the Railway Summit is being held outside of China for the first time. Politicians, railway officials, equipment from all over the world to the 3-day summit [more…]

bangkok metro map
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Map of Bangkok Metro

Bangkok Metro Map Last updated: November 2018 Similar News: Bangkok Metro's Vehicles from Ankara Bozankaya Asian Railway Solutions 2012 Fair Bangkok-Thailand2012 Railway Summit Starts in Bangkok Siemens will deliver 22 subway trains to BangkokBangkok's Metro Vehicles Bozankaya [more…]