bozankayaThe subway vehicles produced by. started service in thailand.
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BozankayaMetro Vehicles Launched in Thailand

2016 establishes consortium partnership with Siemens Mobility Bozankaya, kazanIt introduced the first metro vehicle of the tender, exactly 25 months later, at its production facilities in Ankara. The trains, which started to be shipped as of June 2018, exceed 15.000 kilometers. [more…]

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Thai Teen Survives Under Train

The incident that took place at the train station in Phetchaburi, Thailand, surprised those who saw it. In the footage, where the security cameras recorded the incident moment by moment, a young man jumps in front of the train as the train approaches the station. From two different cameras [more…]

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First signature in Pan-Asian Railway Network

The first signature was signed on the Pan-Asian Railway Network: The first stage of the 5 thousand 500 kilometers long railway network from China to Singapore will be between Kunming and Bangkok. With the agreement signed between China and Thailand, Bangkok's [more…]

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The miracle salvation in Thailand

The miracle salvation in Thailand: 35-year-old Supakorn Trakulkaew in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand jumped in front of the train to commit suicide. The man who fell between the rails survived with only a few minor injuries. [more…]

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4 dead train in Thailand

Train accident in Thailand dead 4: In the north of Thailand as a result of a car collision with the train returned to the ball in the car 4 people burned to death. Nakhon Si Thammarat crash [more…]

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Japan wants to invest in Thailand

Japan wants to invest in Thailand: Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan's; announced that he wanted to invest in infrastructure in Taylan, especially in high-speed train and satellite technology. Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan; fast train and [more…]

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Map of Bangkok Metro

Metropolitan Rapid Transit, or MRT, is a mass rapid transit system serving the Bangkok Metropolitan Area in Thailand. The MRT system is currently under construction, with an additional three to open in 2022. [more…]