CANiK Exhibited Its Products at DSA Fair
60 Malaysia

CANiK Exhibited Its Products at DSA Fair

CANiK; With their products, they participated in Defense Service Asia (DSA) and National Security (NATSEC) Asia 17, which was held for the 2022th time in Malaysia, one of the largest defense fairs in the world. In the fair area with national participation [more…]

TUSAS A New Office In Malaysia Acti
06 Ankara

TAI Opened A New Office In Malaysia

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry, which is among the leading companies of the world aviation industry with its aviation projects, continues its investments and collaborations for the development of new generation technologies. business capital of malaysia [more…]

60 Malaysia

Malaysia will get 22 high speed trains from China

Malaysia will buy 22 high-speed trains from China: Malaysian Ministry of Transport will buy 22 high-speed trains from China. Between CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company and the Malaysian Ministry of Transport yesterday, the headquarters of the Chinese province of Hunan [more…]

38 Ukrayna

Train wagons filled with corpses

Train wagons were full of corpses: The train filled with corpses of passengers on the Malaysian plane crashing in Ukraine moved to Kharkov. In Ukraine, the train of the passengers who lost their lives on the plane of the dropped airline of Malaysia Airlines, Donetsk region [more…]