Emirates group implements covid rebel program
971 United Arab Emirates

Emirates Group Implements Covid-19 Vaccine Program

Emirates Group has implemented its COVID-19 vaccination program in coordination with the Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health and Protection for its significant number of employees in the UAE. In the launched vaccination campaign, priority is the Cabin Crew, Cockpit Team and other operations. [more…]

Kktc's domestic car meets the daily public

TRNC's Domestic Car GÜNSEL Meets the Public

GÜNSEL, the domestic and national automobile of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, meets the public. For the last three months, especially the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ersin Tatar, ministers, party representatives, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, people from the business, media and sports world. [more…]

hyundai ioniq shared drawing views
82 Korea (South)

Hyundai Shares Drawing Images of IONIQ 5

Hyundai Motor Company is preparing to produce its first model under the name of its new sub-brand IONIQ. The IONIQ 5, the first model of the BEV series, which will be officially introduced very recently, has all the features of a CUV. IONIQ [more…]

turkey azerbaijan railway project comes to life
994 Azerbaijan

Turkey Azerbaijan Railway Project in late life

The details of the agreement signed in Moscow a certain happening, Kommersant newspaper will connect directly to the new map of Turkey and Azerbaijan today carried to the page. The Nagorno-Karabakh war ended in 44 days with the historical victory of Azerbaijan, within a week after the ceasefire agreement on 9 November [more…]

Genie's new tender wj activates the defense sector
86 China

China's New UAV WJ-700 Makes Its First Flight

The unmanned aerial vehicle WJ-700, developed by China, successfully performed its first flight and signaled that it would make a rapid entry into the defense industry. The unmanned aerial vehicle WJ-13, which made a strong impression after the first flight on January 700, [more…]

Sinovac signed a rebel production contract with malaysia
60 Malaysia

Sinovac Signs Vaccine Production Contract With Malaysia

Covid-19 vaccine cooperation agreement was signed between Chinese Sinovac, known for its CoronaVac vaccine, and Malaysia's public pharmaceutical organization Pharmaniaga. Under the contract, Sinovac will gradually provide Malaysia with 14 million unprocessed Covid-19 vaccines and with Pharmaniaga in Malaysia. [more…]

Covid vaccines will be made free of charge in gin
86 China

Covid-19 Vaccines Will Be Made Free In China

Government officials announced that China's Covid-19 vaccines will be made free of charge, Government officials announced that China's Covid-19 vaccines will be made free of charge. National Health Commission official Zheng Zhongwei said the government could provide vaccines free of charge, even though there are costs involved in producing and shipping vaccines. [more…]

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