passenger train derailed in Egypt injured
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Passenger Train Derails in Egypt 15 Injured

A passenger train derailed near the province of Sarkiye in northern Egypt. Khaled Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, announced that 15 people were injured in the incident last night. The wounded were brought to the scene with the ambulances Minya al-Qamh [more…]

Egyptians will travel by Russian-made trains
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Egyptians Will Travel By Russian Trains

The first batch of passenger wagons produced by Russia for 'European-scale' rails for foreign countries for the first time reached Egypt. The contract amount exceeds one billion euros, as announced by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. According to the news in Sputniknews; [more…]

fire in Egypt's passenger train carriage
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Fire in Egypt's Passenger Train Wagon

A wagon became unusable as a result of the fire in the passenger train in Egypt. The wagon of a passenger train caught fire in the Kefr el-Zayat region of Egypt's Garbia province. While many fire trucks were dispatched to the scene, intensive work [more…]

at the main railway station in Cairo at least 20
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Cairo Ramses Main Train Station Fire Starts 25 Dead

A train at the Ramses main train station in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, crashed into the covered platform while traveling at high speed. At least 25 people died and 50 people were injured in the fire that broke out after the impact. According to local sources, with the effect of the collision [more…]

train crash
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Passenger Train Derailed in Egypt

According to initial findings, 12 people were injured as a result of the derailment of the passenger train in El-Menufiyye province in Egypt. Ministry of Health of Egypt sözcüSu Khaled Megahed was derailed by a train derailment at New Shibin al-Qom station in El-Menufiyye province in northern Egypt. [more…]

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Train and Workers Service Collide in Egypt 9 Dead

As a result of the collision between the train and the workers' service in Egypt, 9 people died and 18 people were injured. After the train accident, Sayed Salem, General Manager of the Railways, was removed from his post. The news of the train accident in Egypt is not interrupted. Carrying a worker [more…]

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Train Crash in Egypt 34 Injured

In the accident that took place in the town of Badrasin in Giza, Egypt, 3 wagons of the passenger train traveling on the Aswan Dam line were overturned by derailment. Egyptian Ministry of Health announced that at least 34 people were injured in the accident, and 25 ambulances were sent to the scene. Egyptian State [more…]

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15 Dead 40 Injured Trains In Egypt Wounded

15 people were killed and 40 injured as a result of a passenger train colliding with a freight train in the state of Boheira in Egypt. The number of people who lost their lives as a result of the collision of two trains in Egypt rose to 15. According to the statement made by the Egyptian Ministry of Transport, 15 [more…]

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Train crash in Egypt brought resignation

It was reported that the head of the National Railway Administration resigned after the train accident in Egypt. According to a written statement from the Ministry of Transport, Chief of the National Railway Administration, Major Midhat Shushe, said 42 people died as a result of the collision of two trains in Alexandria, in the north of Egypt. [more…]