TUSAS Ruzgari in South Africa
27 South Africa

TAI Wind in South Africa!

Turkish Aerospace Industries will participate in the Africa Aerospace and Defense Fair, which will take place in South Africa on September 21-25, 2022. Its platforms, which it developed with domestic and national opportunities, [more…]

Nigeria Bayraktar TB SIHA Delivery
227 Niger

Bayraktar TB2 UAV Delivery to Niger

As reported by Menadefense, Niger received the first of the Bayraktar TB2 SİHAs it ordered. In this context, the Niger Air Force received the SİHAs by air. A Ukrainian-based cargo company of SİHAs to Niamey Airport [more…]

Two Trains Collided in Tunisia 65 Injured
216 Tunisia

Two Trains Collided in Tunisia: 65 Injured

65 people were injured as a result of the collision of two trains traveling between cities in Tunisia. In the statement, which stated that one of the two colliding trains was empty, it was noted that the injured were transferred to various hospitals. From the Tunisian Civil Defense Directorate [more…]

Train Crash in Congo 60 Dead, 52 Injured
243 Democratic Republic of the Congo

Train Crash in Congo: 60 Dead, 52 Injured

60 people died and 52 were injured in the train accident that took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Train from Mwene-Ditu city in Lomani province in Democratic Republic of Congo to Lubumbashi, capital of Katanga province [more…]

Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement Signed with Congo
243 Democratic Republic of the Congo

Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement Signed with Congo

He met with President Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan went as part of his Africa visit. Later, the Military Framework Agreement and the Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement were signed in the presence of the two leaders. [more…]