tskya air defense radar shield ii delivered
06 Ankara

11 SHIELD II Air Defense Radars Delivered to TAF

Within the scope of the New Generation Air Defense Early Warning Radar (KALKAN-II) Procurement Contract signed between the Ministry of National Defense and ASELSAN in 2016, the acceptance of a total of 11 systems has been completed. KALKAN II Air Defense Radar - HBT Project, ASELSAN [more…]

Chambered cave detected during pence yildirim operation
965 Iraq

4-Room Cave Detected in Claw-Lightning Operation

A cave used by terrorists was detected within the scope of the operation successfully continuing in the Avashin-Basyan region in the north of Iraq. A hostage room separated by a steel door in the cave, which has 4 rooms and is considered to be large enough to accommodate 50 terrorists. [more…]

km of security barrier to the vanin iran border
65 Van

64 Kilometers Firewall on Van's Iranian Border

Turkey continues to strengthen its border lines to prevent threats from the 560-kilometer border line with Iran. In this context, a security wall is being built on the 64-kilometer border of Van with Iran in order to increase border security on the Iranian border. To Wall Construction [more…]

aselsan product domestic and national laser systems
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Product Domestic and National Laser Systems

In modern times, the vast majority of people have met lasers in Star Wars movies. The laser concept, whose foundations were put forward with Albert Einstein in the early 1900s in the scientific world, managed to attract attention with the science fiction films of the 1970s. Military [more…]

Eren Agri Dagi Cemce Madur Operation Started
04 Pain

Eren-15 Mount Ararat-Çemçe Madur Operation Started

The Ministry of Interior announced that the Eren-15 Ağrı Mountain-Çemçe Madur Operation was launched in the provinces of Ağrı, Iğdır, Kars and Ardahan. The written statement made by the Ministry of Interior is as follows: “Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH), Police Special Operations (PÖH), Security Guard Teams [more…]

Autonomous Hisar A Shot Tests Successfully Completed
68 Aksaray

Autonomous HİSAR A + Firing Tests Successfully Completed

Systems of the HİSAR A + Project, which has undertaken important roles in Turkey's air and missile defense, continue to be included in the inventory. Missile Launching Systems and missiles working in coordination with the Firing Management Device to be able to serve alone after the missiles are included in the inventory. [more…]

aselsan volkan fire control system was tested with a tank
06 Ankara

ASELSAN VOLKAN-M Fire Control System Tested with Tank

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir announced that the tests of the VOLKAN-M Fire Control System, developed by Aselsan, had begun with moving tank firing, with his post on his official Twitter account. Shots were successfully carried out from the moving tank to stationary targets. New tank by the end of the year [more…]

MKK energetic materials production facility opened
06 Ankara

MKEK Enerjitik Materials Production Facility Opened

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced KOSGEB's new program with a budget of 5 billion TL. Noting that micro and small-scale enterprises and technology-based start-ups working in the manufacturing sectors affected by the pandemic can apply for support, President Erdoğan said, “Micro enterprises [more…]

eren cudi besta and eren boiler ogul operations started
30 Hakkari

Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Win-Son Operations Started

The Ministry of Interior announced that Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Kazan-Oğul operations were initiated in Şırnak and Hakkari with the participation of 5 thousand 280 personnel. The written statement made by the Ministry of Interior is as follows: “PENÇE-ŞİMŞEK and PENÇE-YILDIRIM, which are being executed under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, in northern Iraq. [more…]

Aselsan continued its growth in the first quarter of the year.
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Continued Its Growth In The First Quarter Of 2021

ASELSAN's first quarter financial results for 2021 have been announced. Despite the global economic contraction experienced during the pandemic, the company completed the period with stable growth and high profitability. ASELSAN's 3-month turnover grew by 22% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 3,2. [more…]

delivery of the body supported shield transport system to the gendarmerie
06 Ankara

Body Supported Shield Transport System Delivered to Gendarmerie

The first prototypes of the BALA KTS-14 Fuselage Supported Shield Transport System, developed within the scope of the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) project, were delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command. Within the scope of the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) project, the mini ballistic shield in the Gendarmerie inventory [more…]

Turkish defense industry entered the first place in the world
55 Samsun

Turkish Defense Industry Entered the Top 5 in the World

Dormitory Samsun Defense Industry and Commerce General Manager C. Utku December, evaluated the Turkish defense industry in the radio industry, "defense industry in Turkey has improved a lot, develops increased responsibility. Turkey ranks in the top 5 in the world in this channel. " To Industry Radio [more…]