milas bodrum airport received carbon accreditation
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Milas Bodrum Airport Receives Carbon Accreditation

TAV Airports continues its efforts to combat climate change and protect the environment. Milas-Bodrum Airport participated in the program created by ACI Europe, which aims to contribute to the fight against climate change by eliminating carbon emissions. Milas-Bodrum operated by TAV Airports [more…]

Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport with Renovated Runway Opened
67 Zonguldak

Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport with Renovated Runway Opened

Karaismailoğlu said, “The runway enlargement works, which started in last April at our airport, have been completed. Within the scope of our works, the length of the runway of our airport was extended from 881 meters to 2 meters, and the runway width of 131 meters was increased to 30 meters, ”he said. Transport and Infrastructure [more…]

has started to operate the tempered airport
7 Kazakhstan

TAV Started Operation of Almaty Airport

TAV Airports assumed the operation of Almaty Airport, the main entrance gate of Kazakhstan. Operating 15 airports in eight countries, TAV will double the capacity of Almaty, one of the major centers of the modern Silk Road, with an investment of 200 million dollars. TAV Airports, the commercial capital of Kazakhstan [more…]

it's time for kids at istanbul airport
34 Istanbul

It's Time for Kids at Istanbul Airport

Being among the best in the world in aviation and coming to the forefront with the services it offers to its passengers, Istanbul Airport offers its innovations with the concept of 'Child and Family Friendly Airport' to make the travel experiences of families with children enjoyable. [more…]

It was the first European airports turkiyenin
34 Istanbul

It Becomes First European airports in Turkey

Karaismailoğlu, "the day the first Covidien-19 cases seen in Turkey, the airports were given until April 15, 2021 serves approximately 73 million passengers. Thanks to the measures we took, the pandemic process was successfully managed. Number of passengers and aircraft traffic in European airports [more…]

At the victory airport, flights are resuming after a year break
43 Kütahya

Flights Restart After 1 Year At Zafer Airport

Turkey's first regional airport with flights in Victory, starting again after a period of over one year. In this context, a protocol was signed between Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Turkish Airlines. Protocol signature held at the ATSO service building [more…]

bodrum airport welcomed the first international flight of the year
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Bodrum Welcomed the First International Flight of the Year

The first flight of the year from Russia at Milas-Bodrum Airport, operated by TAV Airports, was welcomed with water jewelry. 757 passengers arrived in Bodrum from Moscow with Azur Air's Boeing 200-212 type aircraft. TAV Milas-Bodrum General Manager İclal Kayaoğlu said, “The first exterior of the season at our airport [more…]

Istanbul airport served passengers in March
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airport Served 2.212.670 Passengers in March

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) announced the airline plane, passenger and freight statistics for March 2021. The environment where all the necessary measures are taken for the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic and [more…]

isg CEO goral allegations do not reflect the truth
34 Istanbul

OHS CEO Göral: Allegations Do Not Reflect the Truth

OHS CEO Ersel Göral said, “We make every effort within our means to help our business partners overcome this crisis with us. We have provided many opportunities from rent discounts to expanding the shopping opportunities of the stores with the investment of the shop @ saw e-commerce platform. [more…]

uv-ray hygiene practice in airports
61 Trabzon

Ultraviolet Ray Hygiene Period at Airport Terminals

Devices that provide sterilization with ultraviolet (UV) rays at the airport terminals have been put into practice in 6 provinces. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ), a new one of the effective measures implemented within the scope of combating the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. [more…]

Tav has opened its new terminal in Batumi Airport
995 Georgia

TAV Opens New Terminal at Batumi Airport

TAV Airports doubled the capacity of Georgia Batumi Airport. The renovated terminal was opened with a ceremony attended by Georgian Prime Minister Iraqi Garibashvili. The expanded terminal will serve 1,2 million passengers per year. By the world's leading brand in airport operations in Turkey, TAV Airports [more…]

Great award to the airport
34 Istanbul

3 Grand Awards for 3 Airports

Family to encourage participation in projects that contribute to the social and economic life of the disabled, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Services "Turkey Accessibility Awards" found their owners in a ceremony held at the Presidential Complex. First Lady Emine Erdogan, the wife of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan [more…]

When will cukurova regional airport be opened?
01 Adana

When Will Çukurova Regional Airport Be Opened?

Kozuva Group of Companies undertaking the superstructure construction of Çukurova Regional Airport and Çerkezköy Süleyman Kozuva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that they aim to complete the works in the third quarter of 2022. Çukurova Regional Airport superstructure tender winner [more…]