dirins are making a train wagon a day
35 Izmir

Dirinler Making a Train Car in a Day

Dirinler, which has been manufacturing machine tools and press since 1952 in Izmir, has signed a double cycle with the Drinns brand in the rail system. 30 10 day after the process that reduces the number of hours after the Underground Lathe, this time a train [more…]

german tudemsasa partnership offer

German Partnership to TÜDEMSAŞ

In recent years, the production of the name of the prominent TUDEMSAS'a, the German company 'common wagon' was proposed to make the construction. SKODA production company from some of the company came to Sivas to visit the factory said. The Germans claim TÜDEMSAŞ Partnership Offer! National [more…]


How to Follow TUSEMAS

Sivas, Turkey is located between important institutions Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ), how is curious to follow a path in line with Turkey's vision 2023. In accordance with the developing technology in world standards, the production of economical wagons [more…]


20 billion on the railway market gate

20 billion market gate on railway: According to railway transporters, 2023 bin wagons and 115 bin locomotives will be needed until 2. According to the report prepared by the Association of Railway Transport (DTD), with the need of regeneration of wagon and locomotive park, [more…]


Fire panic in wagon factory

Fire panic in the wagon factory: A fire broke out in the yard of the factory where the wagons were manufactured at SIVAS. Fire teams extinguish the factory fire without fear, caused fear. The event took place at 14.30 in the Organized Industrial Zone. Contact Nurettin directly [more…]


Red Card from SATSO to Politicians

Red Card to the politicians from SATSO: Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) President Mahmut Kösemusul said that they had the opportunity to exchange ideas on many issues at the workshop they held in Izmir. One of the most important results of the workshop was to be presented to politicians by SATSO council members. [more…]


TÜVASAŞ 62 for years!

TÜVASAŞ, which was established in 1951 in Sakarya and started to manufacture wagons, exports to Europe, Asia and Africa. Founded in Sakarya, Turkey 1951 and 62 years serving Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ), European, and Asian exports to Africa are doing. Turkey [more…]

Intercity Railways

Reysaş Railway ordered 60 wagons

Reysaş Transport announced that the 99.99 subsidiary, Reysaş Railway Transportation, has ordered the 60 pieces of platform wagons to Tudemsaş, the industrial investment of TCDD in the Eastern Anatolia Region. The company has announced that the total investment cost will be 3.51 million euro. [more…]


Another monopoly ends

The LAST 30 was the top priority of the governments in the year. Although privatization has been done for so long, the number of areas where the state is monopoly is quite high. One of the largest is State Railways (TCDD). TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman's witty [more…]