new underpass
06 Ankara

Three New Underpasses to the Capital

Teams of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Works, each underpass at the junction of Konutkent Neighborhood and Yaşamkent Neighborhood and 7 / 24 works for the construction of U-turn underpass after the entrance gate in front of Başkent University. Greater Municipality, [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Station Junction Ends

Afyonkarahisar Municipality continues to implement its vision projects. Mayor Burhanettin Çoban, Turgut Özal and Atatürk, who prepared a radical decision in order to reduce the traffic density especially in the main arteries, [more…]


Çayırova Traffic Education Park Shaping

In Kocaeli, the investment mobilization of Çayırova Mayor Şevki Demirci, left behind by 4,5, is rapidly progressing with new projects. Demirci, who completed the 70 project over the years left behind and presented many investments to the use of Çayırova people, is one of the projects of 2018 year. [more…]


TCDD's Projects to Relieve Transport in Malatya

TCDD Malatya 5. 14 project from the 3 project, which was started by the regional directorate, to relieve the transportation within the borders of the province of Malatya, came to the stage of being finished. TCDD Malatya 5. Regional Manager Ülker, Geç Yeşil Kaynak - Sanayi Mahallesi Babuktu Passage, Çarmuzu [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Golbasi Train Station Underpass Project Approved

Yusuf Özdemir, the Mayor of Gölbaşı in Adıyaman, gave the good news that the underpass, which cost 4 million 819 thousand TL, to the Botanical Park from the bottom of the train station. Our Mayor Yusuf Özdemir gave the following information in his statement: Yusuf One of the important problems of Gölbaşı [more…]