polish train
48 Poland

In Poland, the train ripped the ambulance

A level crossing in the city of Puszczykowo in the Poznan region of Poland was hit by an ambulance train stuck in the rear caster rails. The accident occurred in the city of Puszczykowo in Poland's Poznan region. Ambulance driver, back and back [more…]

The railroad cars carrying the fuel in Ankara were derailed
06 Ankara

Fuel Carrier Train in Ankara

In Ankara's Sincan district, the fuel-bearing train derailed. While there were no casualties or injuries, trains could not be carried out for approximately 2 hours. According to information obtained, the clock 01.30 ranks between Ankara Gar and Sincan Station [more…]

yht accidentally machinist sucladi
06 Ankara

YHT Accused in Accident

Investigation into the high-speed train accident in Ankara, where the 9 died, was extended to TCDD managers. Prosecutor in charge of the investigation, TCDD Regional Manager Duran Yaman who changed the train traffic in the region before the accident 4 days, YHT Gar Deputy Director Kadir [more…]