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Kolin Construction Exits from IGA

Kolin Construction has decided to transfer its shares in IGA, the operator of the third airport in Istanbul, in which it is also a partner. Partnership structure at IGA Airport Operation Inc., which realizes the Istanbul New Airport project with the Build-Operate-Transfer model and undertakes the operation for the 25 yearbook [more…]

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How to get to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul's third airport opened last month. I didn't want to leave a question mark in your mind about how the transportation is going, where and from which hours, I have prepared a detailed transportation guide. 29 The first airport in Istanbul, opened in October, is called açılan Istanbul Airport Ekim. [more…]

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The Third Airport Operator's Law Challenge

Ferit Kaya (2), who was working as a construction machine operator for about 30 years in the airport construction, suffered hearing loss while working at the construction site. Kaya was given a report by doctors that ”cannot work hard”. Young worker dismissed on the grounds that his disease is persistent [more…]


3. Airport Terminal Flooded

There are still important shortcomings in the third airport in Istanbul, which will be opened two weeks later. A video published by the Construction-Business Union revealed that the roof of the airport terminal leaked water from many points during the rains. Workers' bad working conditions are raised [more…]

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3. Airport Workers on World Agenda

Confederation of International Trade Unions, International Labor Organization 3. sent a letter about the status of airport workers. Secretary General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Sharab Burrow, International Labor Organization (ILO) 3. sent a letter about the status of airport workers. Burrow, workers free [more…]