16 Bursa

World's Longest Cable Car

Bursa, the tourism cake to get the desired share of a great attack. The number of tourists in the city with the investments carried out 10 increased by 5 times over the years [more…]

16 Bursa

Free ski lifts in Uludağ turned into a tribe

A free ropeway at Uludağ turned into a stalemate: due to the celebrations in Uludağ, there was a confluence when the ropeway was only free of 2 hours. Teleferik Aş. The Turkish flag in the hands of the citizens of Teferrüç 18.00 20.00'dan up to the free Uludag announced. But, [more…]

16 Bursa

Uludag Teleferik weekend 10 transported a thousand people to white heaven

Uludag Teleferik carried the 10 to white heaven at the weekend: The cable car, which started to serve again to Bursa with its renewed face, delivered the 10 thousand visitors to white heaven at the weekend with the commencement of the semester break. Bursa Teleferik General Manager Burhan Özgümüş, [more…]

16 Bursa

Uludağ longing is over

Uludağ longing ended: the cable car line between Bursa and Uludağ, 19 months after the renovation work was put into service. 8-12 can be reached in Uludağ by means of the modern cabins with 13 seats in the new masts and wires. [more…]

16 Bursa

Uludağ ropeway line comes into service with its new face

Uludag ropeway line is put into service with its new face: Mayor Recep Altepe examined the work at Teferrüç Station. President Altepe, who stated that the work of the ropeway was at the stage of completion, has opened a new facility in the new period as the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

16 Bursa

President Altepe Uludağ Gave His Name To The Cable Car Line (Video-Photo Gallery)

President Altepe Uludag gave the Gospel for the Cable Car Line: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Uludag will add comfort to the transportation of the new ropeway by joining the trial voyages, modern transportation will begin at the end of May, he said. Modernization of the old ropeway of the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Uludag's new cable car is in the hotels district until spring

Uludag's new cable car in the area of ​​the hotel until spring: Italian Leitner 30 year-old use of the Uludag cable car for the use of the Teferrüç-Sarıalan part of the test drive began with the participation of Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe'nın. President Altepe, the company officials [more…]