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Tender Ad: Basmane - Afyon Line Steel Grid Coating Works

Basmane - Afyon Line Steel Grid Covering of the Scorecards Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) 3. REGION PURCHASE AND STOCK CONTROL SERVICE DIRECTOR BASMANE - AFYON LINE KM: 195 + 600 - 196 + 050 198 + 170 [more…]

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Railroads and retirees came together

TCDD 3. In the Regional Directorate, the day of ap Traditional Meeting Day-was organized for the members of the retired and working people at Halkapınar Loko Maintenance Workshop by Demiryol-İş Trade Union. To the event, 3. Assistant Regional Managers Nizamettin Çiçek, Mehmet Soner Baş, TCDD [more…]