Great food from the ski resort
46 Kahramanmaras

Description of Yedikuyular Ski Resort

In the last days related to the news of the Yedikuyukar Ski Center Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality made public information about the news. Yedikuyukar Ski Center Related with the written description of the Metropolitan Municipality: Bel Press recently Yedikuyular Ski Center press [more…]

65 Van

Road Work at Abalı Ski Center

Van Metropolitan Municipality worked in Abalı Ski Center in Gevaş district. With the work, the 6 meter road reached the width of the 12 meter and the hot asphalt. In addition, two parking lots were provided to the ski center. Big city [more…]

46 Kahramanmaras

Runways at Yedikuyular Ski Center

Yedikuyular Ski Center Runs: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Studies and Projects Directorate of the Department of Surveys and Projects carried out by the Metropolitan Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç Yedikuyular Summer-Winter Recreation Area, one of the important projects [more…]

20 Denizli

Teens in Denizli

Young People in Denizli are Learning to Ski: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Council members are learning skiing in the free course of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Metropolitan Municipality. 7 to 70 in Denizli to organize the sport that everyone wants to organize free sports courses [more…]

55 Samsun

Akdağ Ski Center Falls First Snow

Akdağ Ski Center First Snow Season: Akdag Ski Center The first snow of the season was rained in the district of Ladik Akdag Ski Center was the first snow of the season. Akdağ Ski Center in Ladik district was the first snow of the season. Air [more…]

24 Erzincan

Work at Ergan Mountain Ski Center

Work at Ergan Mountain Ski Center was investigated: The renovation works at the Ergan Mountain Ski Center are ongoing. Erzincan Governor Ali Arslantaş, who visited the Ergan Mountain Ski Center, received information from the authorities about the works carried out in the region. Governor [more…]

58 Sivas

Yıldız Mountain Preparing for New Ski Season

Yıldız Mountain is Preparing for the New Ski Season: Preparations for the new ski season at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center by Sivas Special Provincial Administration continue. Sivas's prestige project, Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center [more…]

36 Kars

Sarıkamış Investments will be the Tourism Center of the Region

Sarıkamış Investments will be the Tourism Center of the Region: Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center's rainwater and road construction project, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was launched. Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy at the Cıbıltepe Rock Center with a bed capacity of 12 [more…]

38 Kayseri

Erciyes Ski Center Snowed

Erciyes Ski Center Snow: It has been raining in the city center for two days, while the Erciyes Ski Center snowed. Two days in Kayseri, the city center is raining in intervals, officials of the Regional Directorate of Meteorology, rainfall until the end of the week [more…]

60 Tokat

Tourism Master Plan Prepared for Ski Resort in Tokat

Tourism Master Plan is Prepared for the Ski Resort in Tokat: İl Tourism Master Plan Kayak is being prepared for the projects that will contribute to domestic and foreign tourism in the Başçiftlik District of Tokat. Governor Başçiftlik Mehmet Özcan, 'Turzim Master Plan' for the preparation [more…]

43 Kütahya

Establishment of a ski resort in Kütahya

Establishing KÜTAHYA ski studies: Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) President Erol Benefits, Murat Mountain town of Gediz in Kütahya said that Turkey could become one of the major ski resorts. Governor of Kütahya Şerif Yılmaz, Chairman of TKF Erol Yarar and [more…]

38 Kayseri

Turkey's Erciyes Mountain ski resort will be

Erciyes Mountain ski resort will be Turkey's Erciyes in Turkey's major ski resorts, Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project is progressing rapidly towards becoming Turkey's ski resort. The peak of the clouds, the peak of the 3 bin 917, topped by height, [more…]

52 Army

It will be the largest ski resort in the Black Sea

It will be the largest ski resort in the Black Sea: Çambaşı Winter Sports and Ski Black Sea region's largest, whereas Turkey will be the fifth largest ski resort. 652 is an area with a chalet architecture, covering an acreage area; technical infrastructure building, [more…]

13 Bitlis

Bitlis Skiing in April

Enjoy skiing in April in Bitlis: Turkey's taking place in many parts of the spring season, Bitlis kayaksev are experiencing the joy of skiing in April. Nemrut Crater Lake and Van, which received the “Excellence Award ü for the European Selected Destinations (EDEN) Project [more…]

30 Hakkari

Snowboard Pleasure in Hakkari Mountains

Snowboarding in Hakkari Mountains: Hakkari's ski resort in Merga Bütan Plateau with an altitude of 2 bin 700 was flooded by ski lovers in April. Turkey's spring weather experienced in many provinces, Hakkari 2 700 thousand altitude Merge Butane [more…]

36 Kars

Skiing in Cıbıltepe in April

Enjoy skiing in April in Cibiltepe: citizens in Turkey's western province while swimming, tourists can enjoy skiing in Cibiltepe lives. After snowfall in the East Anatolia Region, the snow thickness reached to 45 centimeter at Cıbıltepe Ski Center. [more…]

42 Konya

Konya is a ski resort

Konya is a ski resort: Grain warehouse Konya will soon become a winter tourism paradise ol Aladag in Derbent County managed to attract attention with its potential for winter sports. Installation works are continuing in the region. Metropolitan Municipality and [more…]

36 Kars

Weekend Intensity at Cıbıltepe Ski Center

Weekend Density in Cıbıltepe Ski Center: Domestic and foreign tourists, after rainfall snow thickness 50 centimeter reached the center of the skiing enjoying the skies in the town of Kars Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center, the weekend after the snow was re-activated. [more…]

25 Erzurum

Children With Down Syndrome Visit the Ski Resort

Children with Down Syndrome, Ski Center toured: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality organized by the scope of the event children with down syndrome Palandöken Ski Center toured. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality organized the event organized by children with Down syndrome Palandöken Ski Center to visit. Big city [more…]

08 Artvin

Skiing as a development project

Skiing as a development project: Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Hüseyin Pehlivan, Turkey 12-year development plan in the framework of the goals of the federation said that to become a country you can ski in international standards. Pehlivan with accompanying delegation [more…]

12 Bingol

Intense interest in Haserek Ski Center

A great interest in Haserek Ski Center: On the Bingöl-Elazığ highway, Haserek Ski Center is on the weekends. Bingol is located at the summit of Mount Haserek near the Dikme Village at 34 kilometers from the city center and is a thousand thousand meters [more…]

42 Konya

Konya's Ski Center Aladag Wore White Wedding Dress

Konya's Ski Center Aladag White Wear Wedding Dress: Konya's winter sports center will be in the last days of March in the town of Derya Aladag, re-wearing the white wedding dress. In some districts of Konya, snowfall is found in both citizens and agricultural activities. [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkaya ski center snow thickness 90 centimeter

Snow thickness in Kartalkaya ski center 90 centimeter: The maximum snow thickness in ski centers was measured by Kartalkaya with 90 centimeters, and the lowest by 15 centimeters in Uludağ, Hazarbaba and Kartepe. The snow thickness in the ski centers is at maximum 90 centimeter in Kartalkaya [more…]

29 Gumushane

Steps for Suleymaniye Ski Center are taken one by one

The steps for the Süleymaniye Ski Center are taken one by one: In Gümüşhane, where there is only one ski resort in the Eastern Black Sea region, the necessary steps for the ski resort to be built in Süleymaniye Neighborhood where history and tourism are intertwined, were started to be taken one by one. Gumushane [more…]

36 Kars

Weekend Intensity in Cıbıltepe

Weekend Density in Cıbıltepe: Cıbıltepe Ski Center in the Sarıkamış district of Kars is hosting the winter sports enthusiasts in March even though the weather has warmed up in many ski resorts. Cıbıltepe Ski Center in the Sarıkamış district of Kars, Turkey [more…]