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Arrival of two districts to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport 6 with full capacity on Friday after the move in April, the airport began to experience serious difficulties in some districts. According to the news in AirTürkHaber; “Havist, which is the lifeblood of transportation to the airport that has no metro transportation yet [more…]

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Good news of the metro and cable car line to Büyükçekmece

In the speech he made in the program organized by the AK Party Büyükçekmece District Presidency of the metrobus line up to Silivri said they are working for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, Büyükçekmece metro and gave the teleferik line good news. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]

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Silivriye metro line is coming

Silivriye metro line is coming: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas,: after the 2019 for Silivri metro plans were revealed. The metro line passing through Halkalı and Bahçeşehir will come up here. Halk Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Kadir Topbas, [more…]


Housing investor headed for high-speed train routes

The residential investor headed for high-speed train routes: The high speed train route came to the fore in the second house preference of the residential investor. The General Manager of Emlakjet Okan Arı said, elde The regions close to Istanbul are among the rapidly increasing locations with second hand demand. Emlak In real estate sales [more…]

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3. 17 Litigation on the Bridge

3. 17 sued the professional chambers against the zoning plan that envisaged a change in the 17 of the route of the Bridge Project. Yildiz Uysal of the Chamber of Architects said, “There is a change in the plan, but the plan itself is absent; everything is uncertain. her 3. Bridge Project [more…]

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Excavations in Istanbul with Marmaray Excavations

The history of Istanbul with the Marmaray excavations creates excitement The least known history of ISTANBUL covers periods of no writing. The Yenikapı data, which emerged from the Marmaray excavations in recent years, along with the Yarımburgaz Cave, Fikirtepe and Pendik settlements, date to the history of civilization, as prehistoric periods. [more…]

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Uskudar-Beykoz subway is coming

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş said, 'We are doing a metro project from Üsküdar to Beykoz in a coastal direction, and we think of a' railroad 'style rail system. İstanbul Renewed by the Municipality of Beykoz Dr. Necmettin Erbakan Cultural Center and Osman Akfırat Library [more…]