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35 Izmir

İzmirliler Bayramda Percent 50 Discounted Trip

During the Feast of the Sacrifice, the people of İzmir will travel “free 50 discount indirimli and esi free esi to the cemeteries with the public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality. In order to make direct flights to Mordoğan and Foça, two ships will be lifted. 22-26 will be applied between August [more…]

35 Izmir

New Terminal is Very Good for Foça

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Foça's transportation and tourism sectors will be a project to revive. The terminal building, which was completed with an investment of about 5.5 million pounds, was very suitable for Foça. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the city's favorite tourist town of Foca important transportation [more…]

35 Izmir

Sea view terminal to Foça

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the 5.5 of Foça Terminal building, which started to be constructed with an investment of 95 million pounds. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the city's touristic district Foça began to count down to gain a new terminal. Reduce the traffic load of the district center, [more…]

35 Izmir

Urla passenger meets the ferry

Urla passengers meet the ferry: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Foça and Mordoğan, then Urla and Guzelbahce also began to accelerate the work of the ship. Urla, a natural protected area, establishes a floating scaffold that is compatible with the environment. [more…]

35 Izmir

Crownless King returns to Izmir

The non-crowned King returned to Izmir: one of the new ships of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which was determined by the votes of the people of Izmir, met with the Gulf. The legend of. Taçsız King N Metin Oktay, the legend of Turkish football, was the ”12 number” of the new fleet. The Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

35 Izmir

Metin Oktay and Travel time in the Gulf

Metin Oktay in the Gulf and Time to Travel: The Gulf Fleet 12, completely renewed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. and 13. ships are also coming soon. Finally, the Metropolitan Municipality of Vahap Özaltay ship, the names of the people of Izmir again Bel Metin Oktay olarak [more…]

35 Izmir

The first 11 of the Gulf is completed

The first 11 of the Gulf is completed: One of the new ships that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has determined with the votes of the people of Izmir met with the Gulf. The ship called Vahap Özaltay, the legend of Altay, is the new fleet's 11. was a player. Metropolitan Municipality and the names of the city [more…]

Mordogan and Foca Expeditions
35 Izmir

Foça Cruise Schedules

Foca ship trips 4 starts in June: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality commences reciprocal shipments to Foça every weekend with the beginning of summer. The ships of the metropolitan will make a voyage to Mordogan as soon as the line permission comes from the Ministry. Equipped with the latest technology [more…]

35 Izmir

Expected Report Announced

With the arrival of AliBay in Aliağa, the Aliağa-İzmir road transport process was almost completely destroyed and the report prepared by the Chamber of Automobile and Engineers of Aliağa was revealed. After İZBAN's arrival in Aliağa, it is possible to understand the dimensions of the current problem. [more…]